Why Do Trucking Accidents Happen in Construction Zones?

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Road construction is always going on somewhere in the U.S. as construction crews work to maintain and improve our highways. These zones are unavoidable in many areas and require careful passage to prevent accidents. According to safety organizations and many trucking wreck attorneys experienced in these events, [...]

When Will Congress Look At Sideguards on Tractor Trailers?

Tractor Trailer Crashes in Houston Texas

Side underride accidents may be the most devastating of all tractor trailer crashes that happen today other than rollovers. These deadly accidents claim many lives every year and leave many others seriously injured. Sadly, truck crash lawyers realize that most of these fatalities could be prevented by adding a simple [...]

What Types of Accidents Do Distracted Truck Drivers Cause?

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Driving a complicated vehicle like a tractor trailer requires concentration and skill. Unfortunately, most of today's truck drivers are bombarded with stimuli each day that can make staying focused a real challenge. Truck accident lawyers are well aware of the problems that most truck drivers face, whether [...]

What Medical Records Can Be Required in Truck Accidents?

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Individuals injured in truck accidents may be asked to release certain medical records to the insurance company that represents the trucking company. While records pertaining to the accident may be important to substantiate a settlement with the insurance company, people involved in these truck wrecks must be cautious [...]

Learn About Big Rig Insurance And Personal Injury Trials!

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Big rig wrecks can be complicated events, from determining what happened and why to dealing with the injuries caused as a result. These type of personal injury cases are unique in many ways, especially when dealing with insurance companies. When accident claim cases go to trial, truck wreck lawyers are bound [...]

Truck Accidents – Why Is Accident Victim Surveillance Done?

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People injured in truck accidents have a right to file a claim for compensation with the insurance company representing the trucking company. If the accident is found to be the fault of the trucking company, the driver, or some related entity, truck accident attorneys can help victims obtain [...]

Trucking Accident Trials – What Is The Discovery Process?

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When injury claims related to trucking accidents go to trial, the legal process can be quite involved. One of the most important steps, other than a thorough investigation, is the discovery process. This is when trucking accident lawyers are able to obtain essential evidence. This information is critical [...]

Don’t Let Key Evidence Be Lost From Semi Truck Accidents!

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The preservation of critical crash evidence is one of the most important concerns following semi truck accidents that resulted in personal injury. Without such proof, truck accident lawyers cannot completely investigate the accident to determine what happened and how it happened in order to determine fault.

To [...]

Sorting Out Defendants in Truck Accidents!

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One of the main reasons why it is important for people involved in semi truck crashes to retain qualified truck accident attorneys is the fact that any resulting accident claims can become extremely complicated. Truck accidents result in more damage and injuries than typical car crashes and [...]

18-Wheeler Accidents – Requesting A Car Accident Report!

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When 18 wheeler accidents happen, there can be a lot of confusion in the aftermath. Those involved need to first deal with the exchange of driver information at the crash scene and seek medical attention. During all of this confusion, the police at the scene are generating [...]