18 wheeler accidents in Houston Texas


Truck accidents that lead to injuries happen in many different ways. Among the various ways that these injurious 18 wheeler accidents occur, some involve trucks that are moving slowly in reverse as opposed to moving forward at a high rate of speed. Back up accidents happen and truck accident attorneys know they can be just as deadly as any other wreck. The key to avoiding these incidents is in understanding how they happen and avoiding such actions.

What Is A Back Up Accident?

A back up accident is where a truck, or any other vehicle, backs up and collides with a  vehicle or pedestrian or bicyclist. Although these type of 18 wheeler accidents may seem unlikely or less serious, they can be anything but that. Back up collisions are responsible for many serious injuries as larger trucks can back into and crush smaller vehicles or run over pedestrians behind them. Even though they happen at very slow speeds, the results can still be devastating.

How Do Back Up Accidents Occur?

As so many truck accident attorneys know, more than 400 people are killed every year in 18 wheeler accidents where a driver is backing up. Sadly, most of the fatalities are children under the age of four years old who end up in harm’s way.

Back up accidents happen as a result of a driver's reduced ability to see what is going on behind their large truck or tractor trailer. These vehicles have a very large blind spot directly behind them that stretches at least a truck length back. Anything behind that blind spot is not visible to a driver looking in their side mirror. Drivers who think they are clear to back up are often unaware that they are about to back into a vehicle or person directly behind them.

Why Are Back Up Accidents So Dangerous?

Back up truck collisions are deceiving since it seems like they should not be as deadly as they are. Yet the reason why these incidents are so dangerous is because once a back up event is in motion, it is hard to stop. When a driver determines he or she is clear to put the truck in reverse and starts to back up, anything in the way can be run over and crushed without the driver even knowing it is happening.

This results in the truck not only colliding with a vehicle or person in its blind spot, but continuing to drive into and over them, often crushing a vehicle and causing serious injuries and fatalities.

Whose Fault Is It?

Truck accident attorneys frequently find that back up 18 wheeler accidents occur due to negligence. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure their path is clear in whatever way necessary before backing their vehicle. This may mean getting out of the cab to check their path, or even setting out cones to indicate they are preparing to back up.

Additionally, every truck must also possess back up lights, beepers, and other safety equipment to make it obvious to other drivers and pedestrians that the truck is going to back up. Failure to do these things often results in preventable and very damaging collisions.

Whether back up 18 wheeler accidents are due to driver carelessness or some other reason, they are more prevalent and deadly than many other types of crashes involving big rigs. To avoid being involved in such an incident, truck accident attorneys stress that drivers must take extreme caution before they back up their rigs, while all others should stay far away from the rear of these huge vehicles. By exercising proper caution, the incidence of these dangerous collisions can be reduced!

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