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Traffic accidents involving big trucks such as 18 wheelers are very different than those involving regular passenger cars and trucks. Heavy trucks and trucking firms are required to abide by different rules of the road than personal vehicles, and this frequently comes into question when accidents happen. Failure to adhere to federal trucking regulations is a common finding in these types of accidents, and identifying these circumstances is an important part of having the best accident case.

The I45 Truck Accident attorneys are well schooled in the commercial trucking industry, including the rules and regulations that all trucking companies and drivers must follow. Combined with their collective experience in trucking accident cases, the lawyers with I45 Truck Accidents are the best choice for anyone involved in a trucking accident who need the assistance of the best lawyers to represent them. The attorneys with I45 work tirelessly to get the best settlements for their clients and have a long history of successful cases. With many multi-million dollar settlements in cases involving serious injuries such as paralysis, brain injury, and wrongful death, I45 truck accident attorneys will represent their clients in the most difficult cases, even against large companies and challenging conditions.

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