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When 18 wheeler accidents happen, there can be a lot of confusion in the aftermath. Those involved need to first deal with the exchange of driver information at the crash scene and seek medical attention. During all of this confusion, the police at the scene are generating an accident report based on the information they collect and what they see at the site of the wreck. This report is an important part of the accident resolution process and all drivers involved in 18 wheeler wrecks should request a copy.

What Is A Police Accident Report?

Accident reports are official police documents regarding any crash to which law enforcement personnel respond. These records contain important details including the names and contact information of all those involved in the crash, the vehicles involved, insurance company names and policy numbers, and other specifics. They also contain more critical information such as statements taken at the scene, a description of the scene, and other details that may be used to determine what happened and who is at fault.

Why Should Drivers Obtain Copies of Accident Reports?

Considering the relevance of these documents, it is important that drivers involved in 18 wheeler wrecks obtain a copy of the accident report. It is not uncommon for these documents to contain errors that should be immediately corrected. If errors are found, drivers can request that the filing officer amend the document so that all included information is accurate.

Most importantly, accident reports can shed some light on the police officer’s impression of the crash and which party is recorded as likely to be the one at fault. Even though there may be many factors that attributed to the crash and determining fault may require more extensive investigation, it is important to see whether the record suggests fault and with whom. When attempting to prove fault in 18 wheeler accidents, the information contained within this document can be instrumental.

How to Obtain A Copy of An Accident Report

Vehicle crash reports (also called Peace Officer’s Crash Reports or CR-3 forms in Texas) are easily obtained by anyone involved in 18 wheeler wrecks or their attorneys. Requests can be made in writing to receive a mailed copy of the document, or it can be accessed electronically from the Texas Accident Report Database for a small fee. These documents are available 7 to 10 days after the date of the crash.

In the event that no CR-3 form is submitted, drivers involved in 18 wheeler accidents should file a CR-2 form (a Driver’s Crash Report) on their own. Texas traffic law states that a CR-3 form is not required unless someone has sustained injury that results in damages of more than $1,000.00. Since an accident report could still be helpful in determining fault in order to obtain compensation for property and other damages, filing this form is recommended.

After an 18 wheeler wreck, it is important for a driver to get a copy of the official accident report. This document provides a detailed account of the event from the eyes of the attending police officer and could influence fault determination after the fact. Those involved in 18 wheeler accidents should get a copy of their CR-3 form as soon as the document is available to see what has been recorded about the incident and if there is any cause for concern. Any cost is usually minimal. If there are inaccuracies on the form, drivers can request that appropriate amendments be made!

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