Big rig accidents in Houston Texas


Preventing big rig accidents requires that operators of these large, heavy vehicles have the proper skills and always practice good defensive driving. One of the most important elements of defensive driving is knowing when to take appropriate actions to prevent a collision. Unfortunately, trucking accident lawyers find that many tractor trailer operators fail to take sufficient evasive action. When this happens, a serious or deadly crash may result.

What Is Evasive Driving Action?

Evasive action is a defensive driving technique where drivers look for, then react to road hazards to prevent traffic accidents. When a driver slows their vehicle because they see the taillights of someone in front of them light up, they have taken evasive action to avoid rear-ending that vehicle.

Evasive action relates primarily to careful observation of the road ahead, then taking any steering and braking action necessary to safely stop or pass around hazards without crashing into them. All drivers should drive evasively; however, this is something that is especially important to those who operate heavy trucks because failure to do so can result in serious big rig accidents.

Inadequate Evasive Action

Operating a tractor trailer is more demanding than driving any other vehicle on the road. Heavy trucks respond differently than cars and require careful and attentive piloting to ensure safe operation. Trucking accident lawyers stress that part of this includes paying close attention to everything happening in front of and around the truck, then knowing when to take evasive actions.

Because trucks require longer stopping distances and sudden braking or steering maneuvers can lead to big rig accidents, drivers must always be thinking about safe ways to avoid a collision. Yet truck crash statistics show that many accidents occur when inadequate measures are taken to avoid situations that could cause a wreck.

When Big Rig Drivers Fail to Drive Evasively

Exercising adequate evasive action to avoid truck wrecks means being an alert and careful observer of what is happening on the road. It also requires being able to make good driving decisions. Yet many big rig accidents occur when drivers do not exercise the evasive actions necessary to prevent them.

Two of the many reasons why tractor trailer operators fail to exercise enough evasive action include a lack of alertness due to driver fatigue and distracted driving. Driver error due to fatigue and distraction are the biggest single reasons for driver-caused truck accidents handled by trucking accident lawyers.

Operators who are less aware of their surroundings or suffer from reduced cognition due to fatigue or distraction are unable to think ahead to prevent a crash in the event they must avoid a hazard in front of them.

Trucking accident lawyers stress that all drivers, especially those who drive heavy trucks, must work to prevent potentially serious crashes by using evasive driving. Tractor trailer drivers must learn effective evasive actions and be prepared to use them as necessary to avoid being involved in big rig accidents. With careful observation of the road ahead and knowing when to use evasive steering and braking techniques, drivers can negotiate roadway hazards and stay safe!

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