Accidents involving semi trucks are different than most other traffic accidents. This is because tractor trailer wrecks present a number of specific legal issues that must be considered. Unlike most auto accidents, which generally occur between privately owned passenger vehicles, big rig accidents may involve multiple parties.

These incidents may also include procedures and investigations that are based on federal transportation laws. Because these accidents are rarely a simple affair, particularly when they involve tractor trailer accidents, it is recommended that anyone injured by a semi truck seek the assistance of experienced I-45 truck crash attorneys to get a fair and reasonable settlement.

Multiple Defendants

When a truck is involved in an accident with another vehicle and is the responsible for the accident, it may seem simple that the trucking company would pay for any incurred damages; however, that is not always the case. Truck crash attorneys know that determining the party that will pay for the damages and at what percentage depends on who owns the truck and other certain specific details. The claim may actually involve the trucking company, an owner-operator driver, any company that contracts with the trucking company, and even vehicle and parts manufacturers. All of the parties may be responsible for payment of damages incurred as a result of the accident.

Personal injury accident cases involving semi trucks are complex, involving determination of who is responsible for paying damages, what percentage of fault is applicable, and whether that party or their insurance company will actually pay the agreed amount. These ongoing debates often happen as all parties negotiate with each other over fault and damage payments. An injured person needs expert legal assistance from attorneys who know about truck crashes and can protect their best interests in any claim settlement negotiations with insurance companies or other potentially responsible party.

State and Federal Trucking Regulations

A second critical aspect of big rig accidents is whether or not any federal or state regulations have been breached by any involved parties; this can drastically affect the outcome of any tractor trailer accident case. Trucking regulations dictate everything from driver work hours and who was driving at the time of the accident, to weight limits, vehicle maintenance, and standard traffic laws. Various insurance carrier laws and coverage minimums also come into effect, all of which can affect the settlement from such cases.

Settlement is Possible – Trial Is Common

Due to the number of complex variables involved in tractor trailer wrecks, it is often difficult to settle a personal injury case out of court. When laws have been broken and multiple parties could bear some amount of responsibility and be required to pay damages, such cases often go to trial where the court makes all decisions.

So what is important to know about big rig accidents, such as those that occur on busy highways like I-45? They can become complicated legal cases that require the knowledge and skilled representation of experienced I-45 truck crash attorneys. A fair and reasonable settlement may depend on retaining the best personal injury lawyer to help with any unique legal issues that may arise!

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