Big rig accidents are a serious hazard on the highways today, affecting semi trucks and all other vehicles that travel the same roadways. There is ongoing research about the many ways to prevent I-45 tractor-trailer accident – one being better driver education. Driver error and lack of skills attributes to many accidents, so truck crash attorneys support the recent encouragement by Congress and safety organizations to increase training before commercial truck drivers can get behind the wheel.

What is Involved in Commercial Driver Licensing?

Right now, it is fairly easy for anyone to obtain a CDL or commercial driver’s license in order to get a job driving semi trucks. Federal law requires a driver to take ten hours of classroom training, pass a written test, and pass a road test to get a CDL. When that work is done, a driver can be hired by any trucking company. There are many drivers that take more extensive training; however, there is no more training required by law, which makes getting a CDL to drive a big rig relatively easy.

Criticisms of Current Licensing and Safety Requirements

Experienced truck crash attorneys observe that the ease with which a CDL can be obtained does not decrease the need for drivers to follow current DOT and FMCSA safety specifications. These stipulations involve a bit more effort, including: getting a medical examination; having a background check done to be sure a driver is not prohibited from obtaining a CDL due to infractions; and certain other detailed information. What is not required is any specific training or education, other than the currently required ten hours of classroom lecture time.

These simple licensing requirements have come under much criticism over the years, with safety organizations pushing to require more stringent training to help prevent big rig accidents. Many people in the industry, safety statisticians, and members of Congress are encouraging increased education requirements to help keep drivers up-to-date about the latest laws as well as any new safety standards and technology.

Since 1991, when it was determined that federal licensing requirements did not provide enough safety for everyone on the roadways, licensing requirements have changed a few times. Unfortunately, it has taken so long that every update has come too late and is actually outdated before being instituted. The law needs to change to address the fact that drivers need a more substantial education, better training, and continuing education that is enforced in order to keep the highways safe.

Tractor trailer accidents on I-45 and other highways in Texas continue to happen and safety issues continue to demand research, all of which draw attention to the fact that more attention needs to be paid to an obvious need to improve driver training and education. Safety organizations and I-45 truck crash attorneys suggest this will greatly benefit drivers and trucking companies, as well as help reduce big rig accidents caused by driver error!

I-45 Truck Accidents

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