Self-Driving Semi Trucks – Will It Prevent Truck Accidents?

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The main challenge faced by a transport company is how to keep the deliveries moving yet keep safety levels high. Drivers want to earn more by staying on the road; however, this invites a greater possibility for truck accidents.

What if your trucks could drive themselves part of [...]

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Sleep Apnea and Truck Driving – Important Facts!

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Fatigue is considered to be a significant contributor to trucking accidents as many drivers do not get enough quality sleep. A common cause of fatigue is sleep apnea. Trucking accident attorneys warn that If you suffer from sleep apnea, you could suffer from drowsy driving that could [...]

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Truck Driver Drug Detection – Hair Testing Or Urinalysis?

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To be employed as a tractor trailer driver, you must undergo a mandatory urine test that detects the presence of illegal drugs in your system. Drug use reduces your ability to safely maneuver large equipment, making you a considerable risk on the highway and a leading contributor in many [...]

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Why Is There Not Required Road Training for 18-Wheelers?

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A prime factor in the number of 18 wheeler accidents that occur on our highways today is a lack of driver training. Drivers take to the roads every day with minimal experience in handling these huge, heavy vehicles.

Although this may seem surprising to you, truck accident [...]

Big Rig Drivers And Inadequate Evasive Action!

Big rig accidents in Houston Texas


Preventing big rig accidents requires that operators of these large, heavy vehicles have the proper skills and always practice good defensive driving. One of the most important elements of defensive driving is knowing when to take appropriate actions to prevent a collision. Unfortunately, trucking accident lawyers find that [...]

What To Do When Truck Drivers Use Bad Weather As A Defense!

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Truck wrecks happen for many reasons, including poor driving conditions due to weather. When there is bad weather, the incidence of truck accidents rises, suggesting that those who operate these vehicles should take proper precautions in advance.

Bad weather is a common defense used by drivers when [...]

The Top 3 Effects Truck Drivers Face When Driving Fatigued!

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Fatigue is a major contributor in many of the truck accidents that happen on our roadways. Safety and crash studies demonstrate that when drivers are tired, the number of mistakes increases, as does the incidence of dangerous accidents. Truck crash attorneys know firsthand the devastation that often [...]

The Good And Bad About Trucking Hours Of Service Regulations!

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There has been a lot of controversy in recent years surrounding the updated Federal rules on the hours of service for truck drivers. These regulations, which are designed to reduce trucking accidents by ensuring drivers get enough rest and do not put in too many hours, have [...]

18-Wheeler Back Up Accidents – How Do They Happen?

18 wheeler accidents in Houston Texas


Truck accidents that lead to injuries happen in many different ways. Among the various ways that these injurious 18 wheeler accidents occur, some involve trucks that are moving slowly in reverse as opposed to moving forward at a high rate of speed. Back up accidents happen and truck accident [...]

Welcome To Texas – And Record-Setting Deadly Truck Accidents!

Truck Accidents in Pearland Texas

Texas is the proud home to many great things, from football and food to wide open spaces. On the downside, Texas is also the state the record holder for having the greatest number of deadly truck accidents yearly, a number that is growing. The sobering statistics below outline the [...]