Accidents involving big trucks often become complex legal situations requiring the expertise of truck accident lawyers, especially when those accidents cause injury or death. Many times there is more than one party responsible, depending on accident circumstances, truck ownership and other factors. It is important for anyone involved in a truck accident to enlist the help of truck accident lawyers experienced in these types of cases. In complicated cases that involve more than one responsible partly, truck wreck accident attorneys will help victims get the best settlement possible.

Multiple Responsible Parties

Automobile accidents between passenger cars are usually very straightforward, involving two privately owned vehicles and two insurance companies. In the case of commercial vehicles, like big rigs, there are many other potential factors to consider, as the number of potentially responsible parties is much greater. Commercial drivers, and the companies they work for, must adhere to stricter operating standards than drivers operating personally owned vehicles. Attorneys who handle truck wreck accidents on I-45, and other major highways in Texas, assert that as a result, a truck driver is not always the only party named as the responsible for the crash.

Who Is Responsible for Trucking Accidents?

When a truck is at fault in an accident, lawyers who deal with truck crashes must investigate the incident and determine if there are any potential violations against the truck and driver, along with many other details about the accident. Drivers may be owner-operators, or employees of trucking companies, but liability can lie with either one, according to federal trucking laws. Beyond the driver and trucking company, liability may also lie with the vehicle manufacturer or even the truck parts manufacturer for a failure that caused the accident.

Trucking Accidents Require Extensive Research

Truck accident lawyers familiar with crashes on I-45 and other Texas roadways, state that with so many variables in terms of who is actually liable in an accident, an extensive investigation is necessary to thoroughly understand the circumstances of the accident that occurred. This begins with having a certified truck inspector at the scene of every trucking accident, and continues to include many more investigations. Everything from driver records and driving behavior, to trucking company accident rates is researched, with special attention being paid to vehicle maintenance and repair records, driver citations, and other red flag warnings that a driver or company is not operating as safely as necessary. Lawyers familiar with truck crashes say that determining compliance by drivers and companies with all federal commercial carrier laws is another important element when determining which party is most liable.

Due to the complexity involved in these types of cases, anyone injured in an accident involving tractor trailer trucks requires the skilled assistance of truck accident lawyers who know about incidents that occur on I-45, and other major highways in Texas, understand how these cases work, and the important questions to ask to determine liability. Therefore, attorneys knowledgeable in truck wrecks on I-45 and other roads in Texas have the most experience in these types of personal injury cases and can help those injured in these incidents received a fair settlement for their injuries.

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