Accident investigation is an essential part of determining who is at fault, and who is responsible for damage and injuries after an I-45 fatal accident or other type of crash. In a trucking accident, careful crash investigation is especially important, since there are often multiple parties who are responsible. It it vital to understand what happened, and why, to help determine liability for that accident. After an accident occurs, there is no time to lose to ensure a proper investigation is done by qualified people. This sometimes includes reconstructing an accident scene in order to get the right answers.

For these reasons, working with attorneys who are experienced in handling I-45 trucking crash cases is very important. The best personal injury attorneys understand how critical an accident investigation can be, and how to get one done the proper way.

Crash Scene Investigation

Federal motor law states all trucking accidents that occur on our roadways must be investigated at the scene, by a certified truck inspector. However, this brief inspection does not always offer all the answers involved in determining things like causation, and who is at fault. In situations when crash scene investigations are not conclusive enough and a more detailed investigation is required, a crash scene reconstruction must occur.

Crash Scene Reconstruction – Getting Answers

Even though a certified truck inspector must inspect all truck accidents, including I-45 trucking crashes, there is a lot more involved in ironing out the details of most of these incidents than the initial investigation. Crash scene reconstruction has proven to be a vital part of a personal injury case, as it provides mechanical and other experts a chance to determine what happened to cause the accident. These investigations are especially important in cases where a trucking company might try to avoid a legal battle by withholding important evidence from claimants and insurance companies. As part of a truck crash scene reconstruction and investigation, a company is legally required to provide any requested information to forensic experts; therefore, working with personal injury attorneys experienced in trucking accident cases is critical.

Crash Scene Reconstruction – How It Is Done

Even after the fact, it is possible for forensic experts to accurately reconstruct a crash scene using photos, testimony, and most importantly – technical data obtained from the scene, and the vehicles involved. Everything from road and weather conditions; size and length of skid marks; amount and type of damage sustained by vehicles; guard rails; and the road itself is used to help recreate the event. Important data such as driver and vehicle logs; event recorder (black box) data; company and driver citations; vehicle maintenance and inspection records; vehicle part analysis and many other details are used by teams comprised of engineers and automotive industry experts to piece together incidents, and determine the cause of an accident. Without this valuable evidence, it is sometimes impossible to fairly decide who is actually responsible, and what settlement is appropriate in personal injury cases, including accidents that involve a fatality, such as those that occur on I-45, and other highways.

To obtain the best representation and settlement possible, anyone involved in an I-45 trucking crash, or families affected by an I-45 fatal accident involving a truck, should speak to personal injury attorneys experienced in trucking accident cases, immediately. Attorneys skilled in representing clients in these type of cases understand the urgent nature in getting the best investigation, including the reconstruction of a crash scene, if necessary, to gain important answers!

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