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The preservation of critical crash evidence is one of the most important concerns following semi truck accidents that resulted in personal injury. Without such proof, truck accident lawyers cannot completely investigate the accident to determine what happened and how it happened in order to determine fault.

To prevent the accidental or intentional destruction of evidence, those who have been injured in tractor trailer crashes must quickly find a skilled lawyer. Experienced attorneys know how to legally protect valuable crash scene evidence to preserve the interest of accident victims.

Preserving Accident Evidence is Critical

The hours, days, and even weeks following semi truck accidents can be confusing, especially if a person has been seriously injured. When these events result in injuries and an investigation as well as the filing of an injury claim, evidence from the scene of the event becomes a critical component. Unfortunately, without immediate intervention by truck accident lawyers, trucking companies and their insurers are not required and may not preserve key evidence that could be used to prove fault against them. Without this evidence, proving fault could be much more challenging, or even impossible.

Spoliation of Evidence Notice

When people contact truck accident lawyers following a tractor trailer crash, one of the first concerns the lawyer deals with is securing all the evidence. This is done by immediately sending a Spoliation of Evidence notice. This legal notice is sent to the other party involved in the wreck and their insurance company, making it their responsibility to preserve all evidence such as vehicle logs, maintenance and driver records, and the damaged truck itself. It also means that trucks involved in semi truck accidents may not be repaired, destroyed, or otherwise tampered with until the case is over.

Legal Recourse Against Destruction of Key Evidence

A Spoliation of Evidence notice is a binding legal document that requires insurance and trucking companies to preserve any and all evidence relating to an accident. In the event that this proof is not protected or even destroyed, there could be serious legal repercussions against the involved company.

Failure to preserve accident proof also looks suspicious, as if an insurance company is either aware that their customer may be at fault or is attempting to make proving fault more difficult to avoid paying a large settlement. For this reason, it is essential that a Spoliation of Evidence notice be promptly issued by truck accident lawyers representing those injured in such events.

All experienced truck accident lawyers recognize the priority of preserving evidence after semi truck accidents. This proof directly affects the crash investigation as well as the outcome of the entire injury claim. By using a Spoliation of Evidence notice, lawyers can legally secure all items and information that could assist their investigation and prove what happened and who is at fault. These professionals can ensure that important evidence is not lost or destroyed, giving claimants the best possibility of a favorable claim settlement!

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