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There is always a lot of focus on what truck drivers must do to ensure they drive safely and prevent semi truck accidents. Yet being safe on the roads and avoiding involvement in semi wrecks takes the effort of everyone behind the wheel. While you may not be able to control how a truck driver handles their rig, you can still do your part in promoting roadway safety and avoiding semi truck wrecks!

Pay Attention!

One of the biggest causes of semi wrecks is driver distraction and lack of attention to the road. If you lose focus while driving, you might find yourself swerving, braking hard, tailgating, traveling in blind spots or making sudden and unexpected maneuvers that can affect all other drivers around you.

Even the most skilled semi driver may not be able to react quickly enough or maneuver their truck safely when those around them are distracted and begin to drive erratically.

Keep Your Distance

The best way to avoid semi truck accidents is to travel far enough from these large, heavy vehicles that you can stay out of their way. Large trucks need extra passing time along with more room for turning and stopping. They also take longer to get up to full speed. They are slower when climbing hills and can pick up speed quickly when coming down one.

Keep a good safety buffer around your vehicle and avoid getting in the path of a tractor trailer by giving these vehicles the room they need to maneuver.

Stay Visible

Visibility is a concern with big rigs as they have four very large blind spots surrounding the vehicle. Avoid semi truck wrecks by learning where the blind spots are and staying out of them.

In addition, always use your headlights in bad weather or when lighting is poor. Make sure to use your turn signals and that you travel around tractor trailers with caution. Assume the driver cannot see your vehicle and proceed accordingly to prevent any dangerous semi wrecks.  

Avoid Sudden Actions

Sudden stops, lane changes, and other unexpected actions can be dangerous for anyone on the road since this causes other drivers to react suddenly. When truck drivers have to react suddenly to the drivers around them, the possibility of a semi truck accident increases since a driver could experience a loss of control or be unable to react in time to prevent a collision.

Recognize That Trucks Operate Differently

Most importantly, you can stay safe on the road and avoid involvement in semi truck wrecks by recognizing the difference between tractor trailers and passenger vehicles and the fact that trucks work differently.

Semis require more room, especially when going around curves. They are not as agile as other vehicles and truck drivers must sometimes adhere to different speed limits and safety laws than those who operate passenger vehicles. Trucks must be driven cautiously to prevent unbalancing, load shifting, locked brakes, and other problems that can lead to semi wrecks.

Every day, millions of cars and heavy trucks share the roads and highways. Semi truck accidents happen; however, there are many ways you can avoid being involved in one. If you follow the important tips above and recognize the many differences between trucks and passenger vehicles, you can greatly reduce the risk of semi truck wrecks!

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