Every year, thousands of motorists are seriously injured in accidents that involve big trucks. Because these accidents can be much more involved than other types of vehicle accidents, anyone hurt in I-45 18 wheeler wrecks  - or crashes that occur on other highways - need the help of skilled truck accident lawyers. Handling these type of cases is much different than other traffic accident claims. Therefore, for the most successful outcome, and the most fair claim settlement, it is essential to work with experienced trucking accident attorneys.

Spoliation Letter for Evidence Preservation

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for important evidence to become lost or destroyed after an 18 wheeler wreck, whether it occurs on a large highway - like I-45 - or any other roadway. To prevent this from happening, it is crucial for truck accident lawyers to quickly send a letter of spoliation to trucking companies, their insurance companies, and any other potentially involved parties. This letter is sent to preserve and secure evidence required for lawyers to make a good case. The letter must state the specific evidence to be preserved - whether this is physical evidence, electronic logs, qualcomm messages, or anything else of interest relating to the case.

Discovery and Investigating the Accident

The first thing that trucking accident attorneys usually do when working on an injury case, is a thorough investigation of the accident. While this is not anything different from other cases, the way in which the investigation must be conducted, frequently is. Because trucking accident cases commonly involve multiple parties at fault, it is essential to understand all details about what actually happened, and why - so the investigation is paramount. This includes everything from actual investigation of the accident scene, and interviewing witnesses, to often even recreating the crash with the help of forensics specialists and engineers.

Additionally, it is imperative that lawyers request many other records and documents from trucking companies during this period of discovery. These records include the following:

  • Maintenance records and inspection reports for the vehicle involved. 
  • Driver logs and safety records. 
  • Driver qualifications. 
  • Drug and alcohol test results.
  • Print-outs of onboard records and communications. 
  • Bills of Lading for the day of the accident.
  • Hotel or other receipts. 
  • Company procedural documents - and more.

Considering many accidents are caused by mechanical or part failures, attorneys may also need to request documentation from parts manufacturers, and records from - and about - any mechanics and techs that worked on the vehicle in question.

Filing the Complaint

Complaints against trucking companies, insurance companies, parts manufacturers - or anyone else the investigation shows are related to the accident - must be prepared very precisely and carefully so they are both believable, and viable. Complaints must be detailed as to how the driver, the trucking company, or another party was negligent in some way, thereby causing the accident, and the results thereof. This is especially important if any violations were discovered, since safety violations carry a lot of weight when considering fault in these types of accidents. Settlement demands must also be explained in detail as to how values are assigned, and the final amount calculated. This is important in order to provide as much credibility to the complaint and settlement demand as possible.

With all of the information provided above, it should be clear that 18 wheeler wrecks on I-45, or any other roadway, are considerably different than most other passenger vehicle accidents. Because of this, they require special handling by experienced trucking accident attorneys who know how to build and present the best cases. Anyone who has been injured in an accident involving a semi truck should immediately find the most skilled truck accident lawyers to help with their case, so they can obtain the settlement they deserve!

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