When a truck driver causes an accident that injures or kills someone else, driver negligence is often to blame. Truck accident attorneys who deal with these events every day find that drivers who are negligent are responsible for a large portion of the truck accidents on today’s highways. While it is important to prove negligence in order for injured victims to gain compensation for their injuries, truck wreck attorneys also investigate whether or not a driver’s acts could be considered criminal. When driver negligence is also a criminal act, there is a much better case against both the driver and trucking company.

Negligence and Trucking Accidents

Negligence is the failure to take proper care or precaution when doing something that could also affect other people. Driver error or carelessness, and failure to keep vehicles properly maintained are just two common ways that truck drivers or companies can be found negligent after an accident. In any circumstance where the actions of a driver are negligent and an accident involving injuries is the result, the driver, their company, or even others involved can be held liable for the damage that is caused.

Negligence Can Be Criminal

Some acts of negligence are also considered to be criminal acts. Attorneys who represent those who have been injured in truck wrecks say that when a truck accident is caused by driver error resulting from speeding, intoxication from drugs or alcohol, or even knowingly operating a truck that has not been properly maintained and could malfunction, it is considered to be an act of criminal negligence. Since speeding, the consumption of alcohol or drugs and other actions are specifically against the law, drivers can be arrested and criminally charged, furthering the case against them, or their company. Other acts, like falsifying truck records, and operators driving beyond the legal number of hours, are also considered criminal acts, and frequently found to be partial causes in many trucking accidents.

Criminal Acts and Injury Claims

After a truck accident, truck accident attorneys will investigate the incident and determine how and why the accident occurred, and who is to blame. When the investigation shows that a driver’s negligent actions contributed to the accident, the next step is to determine why the driver behaved the way they did. Obtaining all of this information can be a challenge, so it is essential that anyone injured in a truck accident retain attorneys familiar with truck wrecks, and who know how to obtain important case information. If it can be proven that the driver or company acted in a criminal way, this can greatly influence any injury claim. Sometimes, drivers must even go to trial for their criminal acts, and this is also helpful to an injury case, particularly when truck accident attorneys are permitted to use any information obtained from those trials in their injury cases.

There is never an excuse for negligence on the part of a truck driver or company, since negligence is what causes most trucking accidents. When this negligence is also a criminal act, truck accident attorneys are essential in helping injured victims obtain the settlement they are entitled to by making sure these criminal acts are recognized. Attorneys familiar with truck wrecks know that accidents caused by criminal negligence are a serious concern. Responsible drivers and their companies must be held accountable whenever criminal negligence is to blame!

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