Tractor trailer accidents are some of the most deadly accidents that occur on our nation’s highways. Although these incidents are fewer in numbers than car crashes, their percentage is actually on the rise. In recent years, truck accident attorneys have represented more people who have been injured, or killed in tractor trailer crashes than ever before. A passenger vehicle is no match for a loaded semi truck, traveling down the highway at a high speed. Unfortunately, when the two meet, the results are often devastating.

Trucks vs. Cars - The Ugly Truth

A loaded tractor trailer can weigh as much as 80,000 lbs., by law, and travel at speeds up to 70 mph in some areas. That is a lot of weight, and a lot of forward momentum that can be very difficult to stop or maneuver when problems arise on the highway. Add to this the fact that weigh station studies reveal that as many as 40 percent of trucks on some roads are reported to be overweight. This increases road damage, and poses a greater hazard to other drivers. It is easy to see why many cars hit by big rigs do not stand a chance. Because of this, there are many safety organizations attempting to have better safety regulations passed for the trucking industry. Despite these efforts, the number of tractor trailer accidents continues to climb.

Problems Within the Trucking Industry

There are a number of issues that have attributed to the increase in tractor trailer crashes on the highways, and the answer in how to deal with them is not always clear. Currently, there is a shortage of qualified truck drivers, but the demand for over the road shipping is higher than it has ever been. As a result, some drivers are working longer and driving faster than they should, and being licensed before they should – all in an attempt to meet this need.

These reasons, along with other important factors, such as the disagreement on actual causes of tractor trailer crashes, and the delay in passing much needed safety regulations, combine in a deadly way. What more recent crash statistics also show is that even though most vehicle accidents involve cars, the percentage of trucking accidents is increasing - not decreasing, along with the number of fatalities. Many truck accidents involve only the driver. However, many more take the lives of others who are simply sharing the road, in their cars, with these big rigs.

Big trucks pose a considerable risk to other drivers on the road when safety regulations do not protect all drivers, and allow tractor trailer crashes to occur. In order to save lives, and reduce the number of cars involved in fatal tractor trailer accidents, not only must both car and truck drivers become more aware of each other and avoid dangerous driving practices, but federal regulations must be improved. Truck accident attorneys can attest that cars simply cannot win in an accident with a tractor-trailer - at least not on the highway. The way all drivers must overcome safety risks and reduce truck accidents, is by working together toward a safer trucking industry, and supporting the important safety regulations that can help create this!

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