Every year, as many as half a million truck crashes occur across the country, accounting for hundreds of thousands of injuries, and around 5,000 fatalities. A large number of these accidents happen in the state of Texas, which historically has a higher count of truck accidents each year than most other states. Truck accident attorneys also deal with a larger number of injury cases in Texas because of this. Understanding how and why these accidents occur is essential for drivers in order to remain safe, and avoid the need for I-45 truck accident lawyers.

Higher Accident Rates

With as many as 500,000 motor vehicle accidents that occur every year throughout the country involving big rig trucks, it is startling to see that 26,000 or more of these events happen in Texas alone. Among this disproportionate amount of accidents, about half of them result in injury. Over 500 fatalities each year involving big rig accidents, occur in Texas alone. There are numerous thoughts as to what causes this situation. The sheer size of the state, and amount of interstate miles is a notable reason, as well as the geographical location. It means that Texas is a part of many shipping routes, so there are a lot more trucks that drive through this state.

Common Trucking Accidents and Their Causes

Safety and truck crash statistics show that a high percentage of all trucking accidents that happen in Texas, and throughout the rest of the country, are caused or influenced by driver error due to fatigue, distracted driving, lack of driver training and the use, and abuse of substances that alter the ability to safely drive a truck. Texas is also known for its share of bad weather, which attributes to many truck accidents every year. Besides these reasons, trucks that are driven for thousands of miles are at high risk for mechanical failures such as tire blowouts, brake failure, and other problems - conditions that are more frequently seen on the many miles of Texas highways.

Who Is Responsible In Texas?

Truck accident attorneys assert that when truck crashes occur in Texas, there are numerous parties that may be responsible. Depending on the cause of the accident, a driver may be accountable if they were practicing unsafe driving habits, or caused the accident in some other way ; however, the company the driver is working for may also be responsible. When negligence or safety violations can be proven against either the drivers or the commercial carrier companies - one, or both may be liable.

Sometimes the manufacturer of defective truck parts or tires can be liable, and in a few circumstances, even local entities - like roadway designers - might be partially responsible. What is certainly true is that truck accidents in Texas can be quite complex, and involve multiple liable parties, requiring the help of truck accident lawyers, and making accident investigation and filing injury claims a challenging process.

Because there are so many trucks on Texas highways, and the incidence of truck crashes is higher within this state, drivers of all vehicles must be aware - and alert. Should an accident that results in injuries occur, those injured should immediately hire experienced truck accident lawyers to help. Obtaining the best outcome in any truck accident case requires the knowledgeable and skilled assistance of truck accident attorneys who are ready to fight for their client's rights!

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