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Rear-end accidents are possibly the most common type of traffic accident among all vehicles. When these accidents involve tractor trailers, truck accident lawyers know the results can be devastating. There are many reasons why rear end big rig accidents are so common. Avoiding these crashes means understanding what causes them in order to stay away from these dangerous situations.

Distracted, Drowsy, or Impaired Driving

Distracted driving is one of the primary underlying causes that leads to all kinds of crashes, including big rig accidents. When drivers are not paying enough attention to the road in front of them or the activity around them, rear-end collisions often occur. These crashes are especially common in heavy traffic, but can happen at higher speeds as well.

Truck accident lawyers find that a large percentage of rear-end wrecks occur when drivers are distracted by cell phones or eating while driving. They are also due to drowsiness caused by fatigue. Impairments like driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or even some prescription medications can increase the chance of a rear-end wreck. Distractions and impairments mean slower reaction time and less time to avoid hitting the vehicle in front.

Excessive Speed for Conditions

Speeding is another common cause of rear-end crashes. It is very hard to quickly slow down a tractor trailer. For this to be done effectively, the driver must be alert to what is going on near them and the truck itself must be in good mechanical condition. When speeding or driving too fast for conditions, there is a reduced ability to slow the truck fast enough to avoid a collision.

Hard braking to avoid an accident may also put undue strain on the brake system and other parts of the truck, reducing effectiveness or causing the vehicle to slide right into the back of another vehicle due to the momentum of the weight behind it.


Tailgating is when vehicles drive too close to each other, creating potentially dangerous situations. When trucks tailgate other vehicles, stopping in time may be a problem. These larger and heavier vehicles require much more stopping distance than other vehicles.

Therefore, drivers who operate trucks without maintaining enough space between vehicles are much more likely to be involved in rear-end big rig accidents. Similarly, drivers of passenger vehicles who tailgate large trucks are equally at risk for hitting the back of the truck or even sliding under it.

Trucks Being Cut Off

Unfortunately, even those drivers who do attempt to leave ample space between vehicles can be involved in a crash. When passenger vehicles cut off larger trucks by slipping into that space padding or by making close, unsafe lane changes, truck accident lawyers know the results can be deadly. Cars darting in at the last minute may disappear from a truck driver’s view if they pass into the frontal blind spot or simply not leave the driver enough time to stop to avoid a collision.

Considering the reasons referenced above, it is easy to see why rear end big rig accidents happen so frequently. To prevent these wrecks, tractor trailers require careful handling and plenty of extra stopping space. Avoiding these dangerous and sometimes deadly crashes requires alertness and consideration from both truck drivers and drivers of other vehicles. By using safer driving practices, truck accident lawyers and safety advocates agree that the incidence of dangerous rear-end accidents can be reduced!

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