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Every day, commercial carrier drivers deal with the pressure of delivering on time. Because time is money, and drivers could lose pay if they do not deliver on time, truck accident lawyers find that when dealing with injured clients, some drivers admit they feel they are pushed to cut corners in unsafe ways. This greatly increases the risks of semi truck accidents, many of which are deadly for drivers and everyone else on the road. To prevent these occurrences, drivers and their companies must identify the safest ways to get loads delivered on time, while discouraging any dangerous shortcuts. Often times these shortcuts end up costing drivers in time, expense, and even people’s lives, anyway.

Understanding the Need to Deliver On Time

The commercial shipping industry operates with very strict deadlines. Unless cargo is delivered where it needs to be, and on time, losses occur. Commercial carriers with great reputations for getting the goods through on time often get the most, and the best customers as well. Considering this, it is understandable why some drivers feel they are under a lot of pressure to do what is necessary to deliver their shipments on time. Unfortunately because of this, some companies (and some drivers) tend to put safety behind everything else. This is a problem that many drivers in this country face, and is a substantial contributor to the many semi truck accidents that occur on American highways every day.

Cutting Corners to Save Time

The choice between arriving on time and staying safe is really an unfair one to bestow upon truck drivers; yet truck accident lawyers working with injured clients quite frequently see that this is exactly what happens. Unfortunately, pressure from carrier companies, along with poor driver decisions, often finds drivers in this exact situation. Drivers take unnecessary risks by overloading their vehicles to deliver more cargo, or practice unsafe driving by speeding and skipping rest breaks. Although there are stricter rules currently in place regarding the amount of hours a driver can legally drive, some still manage to buck the system in order to get their loads delivered on time.

Many drivers avoid pulling off the road in unsafe driving conditions for the same reason. Companies continue to employ drivers who do not actually use their rest time wisely. The list of corners to cut goes on and on; but does cutting corners in this manner actually save drivers and their companies time and money?

The Truth About Cutting Corners to Save Time

Even though some drivers may get away with cheating, truck accident lawyers see firsthand how companies, drivers, and everyone else on the road eventually pay the price. Trucks get stopped for speeding, as they should, and then lose more time. Yet something even more to consider is that unsafe practices like speeding, cargo overloading, and drivers not getting the necessary rest can cause devastating semi truck accidents. Innocent passengers in other vehicles, along with the truck drivers themselves, are injured and sometimes killed when drivers forego safety for a time schedule. In the long run, cutting corners does not actually save commercial shipping companies time, money, or even customers. Instead it causes expensive damage, costs lives, and can even ruin a company’s reputation.

The problem of schedule over safety has existed in the commercial carrier industry for many years. Today, this topic is getting a lot of attention from safety organizations, with stricter rules going into effect and resulting in fewer semi truck accidents.Still, truck accident lawyers realize there is still some pressure on drivers to be on time. Fortunately, many carrier companies are moving away from these demands, seeing an increase in safety as a result. By employing great drivers who take their own safety, as well as the safety of others on the road, seriously; and by not penalizing for legitimate delays, companies are slowly proving that it is possible to be on time, while also being safe. The alternative to all involved is simply not worth the risk!

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