Being injured in semi truck wrecks can be serious, and sometimes life-changing events. It is common for people to seek compensation as quickly, and easily as possible from insurance companies. However, doing so can be detrimental to an accident claim. Therefore, it is important to retain the help of experienced trucking accident lawyers. Insurance and commercial carrier companies work with lawyers to try to keep from paying out settlements, even when they are at fault. For this reason, those dealing with the aftermath of an injurious accident, need the assistance of I-45 truck wreck attorneys who can properly present their claim, and win a fair settlement.

Both Insurance and Trucking Companies Have Lawyers

Insurance companies are in business to protect those who are injured by their customers, but they do what they can to save money in whatever way possible. This means hiring attorneys to fight against accident victims involved in semi truck wrecks, or at least present a case so their clients are not deemed to be at-fault as they might actually be. Commercial trucking companies depend on their insurance companies and lawyers to protect them from having to pay enormous claims. Because of this, anyone actually injured in an accident with a truck needs to have their own truck wreck attorney to fight for them.

It may seem easier to simply accept the initial offer from an insurance company - and the sum may seem like a lot of money. But rest assured, the amount being offered is almost certainly not as much as experienced trucking accident lawyers, who defend injured clients, can likely win. Accident victims should never accept an insurance company’s offer without first talking to their own lawyer about the circumstances of the incident. They should also not allow themselves to be pressured into making recorded statements, or accepting low-ball settlements.

Obtaining Just Compensation from Insurance Companies Can Be Challenging

Unfortunately, there is much more involved in filing a claim with an insurance company after a truck accident, than simply presenting medical bills. Insurance adjusters and lawyers working for insurance companies will do their best to minimize the amount paid out by trying to justify, or rationalize actions and amounts, and argue fault - or the actual extent of damages. Just compensation may mean one thing to the insurance company, but something totally different to the lawyers representing injured parties.

When everything from medical bills to lost income, emotional and mental stress, and other damages are added up, the actual value of an accident is many times much higher than what insurance companies and their legal teams would have victims think. Therefore, fighting this, proving fault, and determining an actual, fair settlement amount requires the help of I-45 truck wreck attorneys who understand federal and insurance law, and can properly investigate an accident, and defend their clients’ rights to a just settlement.

The bottom line is that receiving just compensation for injuries suffered in semi truck wrecks in Texas most often requires accident victims to have the right trucking accident lawyers to protect their rights. In order to make the strongest claims against insurance and trucking companies, accident victims need the help of experienced truck wreck attorneys who know the commercial trucking industry and federal safety laws, as well as the methods insurance companies use in their attempt to avoid paying claims. With the right legal representation, obtaining the fairest injury claim settlement is possible!

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