Every year, thousands of people are seriously injured or killed in accidents involving tractor trailers. Truck accident lawyers who deal with these cases find that many of these accidents are caused by driver error. In an effort to reduce the number of serious trucking accidents, truck accident attorneys point out these errors, and how all drivers can avoid them. Truck accident attorneys, along with federal and commercial shipping safety organizations, suggest there are a few actions responsible for many truck accidents. Drivers should be aware of the following driver behavior, avoid that same action, and help eliminate being involved in an accident.

Driver Fatigue #1 Problem

Driver fatigue is one of the most prevalent causes of truck accidents today. Drivers must make a conscious effort to reduce fatigue, whether caused by lack of sufficient sleep, poor diet, medication, or any other reason. There are federal regulations that state how many hours a commercial truck driver may drive in a day/week to ensure drivers get enough sleep. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Even when not driving as is required, drivers may still not be getting a good night’s rest.

Truck accident lawyers suggest that driving conditions, unhealthy diet, certain foods and medications, and other factors can also cause fatigue. It is essential that all drivers note what is making them tired and pull over when they feel the first signs of fatigue. By improving sleep habits and diet, discussing medications with doctors, and avoiding driving conditions that can more quickly cause fatigue, commercial drivers can help reduce the number of accidents that occur due to fatigue-related driver error.

Carelessness and Poor Driving Decisions

Along with fatigue, many drivers simply make unnecessary mistakes that begin with poor judgment. Actions such as speeding, moving from lane to lane without warning, driving too fast on curves and ramps, and other dangerous behavior are all known accident-related factors. Yet all such behavior can be avoided, or at least minimized. Rapid lane changes to avoid a problem in the truck's lane may be needed under certain circumstances; speeding and reckless driving are simply unwarranted.

Roadway Behavior Responsibility

Truck accident attorneys assert that the actions taken by a commercial truck driver may be indirectly caused by other issues, including: speed-regulated trucks; vehicles driving in a truck driver's blind spots; heavy trucks taking longer to stop; or slower acceleration speeds can make quick accident-avoidance actions necessary. Accident prevention for all drivers requires paying close attention to everything while driving. All of the actions mentioned here could cause another vehicle to end up in the path of a truck with nothing else to go than  quickly change lanes or rapidly slow down. Working together and understanding a 18-wheeler truck driver's limitations can help all drivers reduce the number of trucking accidents.

To avoid being involved in a potentially serious accident, lawyers who handle cases involving truck accidents strongly recommend that truck drivers pay attention to the significant issues referenced above. Attorneys who deal with truck accidents that occur on I-45 and other major highways, see the results of sometimes devastating accidents on a daily basis. One thing is for certain, there are never any winners in these circumstances. Averting the need to hire these experienced attorneys means making the effort to drive carefully, stay alert, and cooperate with all other drivers on the road!

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