Some of the most common reasons for semi truck wrecks are mechanical trouble, brake failure, and tire blowouts. Defective tires, or tires that are misused until they fail, are responsible for a significant number of accidents. Safety organizations and I-45 truck crash lawyers alike find that many of these accidents are preventable. While not all tire problems can be avoided, trucking accident attorneys frequently find that improved safety procedures and better adherence to safety laws could reduce the number of serious accidents caused by tire failure.

Daily Safety Checks

It is nearly impossible to know if a tire is defective unless it begins to show signs of stress or undue wear; tires can fail when least expected. Because of this, it is very important for those who drive big rigs to perform a daily truck inspection, paying particular attention to the tires by looking for signs of wear, stripped treads, and any other indications that a tire is not in the best condition. I-45 truck crash lawyers say finding a tire that is not holding up can save lives.

Proper Tire Inflation

Along with a daily safety inspection and tire check, a truck driver should be aware of the specific required tire pressure and perform a periodic pressure check. Driving at high speeds on either over or under inflated tires is a common cause of excess tire wear that can lead to an unexpected blowout. Under-inflated tires also increase the chance that a driver could lose control of their vehicle or experience a blowout due to swaying or sliding on the road. Trucking accident attorneys suggest the incidence of driving on under-inflated tires is extremely high, so drivers must be aware of this concern and ensure all tires are properly inflated. Although there are eighteen tires to check, this extra effort can prevent semi truck wrecks caused by tire failure.

Follow Truck Tire Speed Ratings

Every road has a legal speed limit that all vehicles, including big rigs, should not exceed. Truck tires also have speed ratings that should be followed. A speed rating on a tire dictates the highest speed at which it can be driven for safety and full life expectancy. When tires are driven faster than their rating, they wear down faster, which increases the risk of failure. Of course, this is a problem as some highways have speed limits higher than the ratings of many popular commercial tires. Although it is standard practice for a semi truck to be driven slightly below a posted speed limit, this is not always the case, especially when some tires are rated below that limit. It is the responsibility of the driver to know their vehicle’s tire ratings and to drive within that rating to prevent unexpected failures.

Tire problems are responsible for a significant number of semi truck wrecks every yea   r, especially when truck drivers and trucking companies do not practice safe tire use and maintenance. Although I-45 truck crash lawyers agree that many of these accidents are preventable through awareness and compliance with safety rules and ongoing tire maintenance, these accidents continue to occur. Anyone injured in an accident involving a tractor trailer, whether due to tire failure or some other cause, should discuss their case with experienced trucking accident attorneys as soon as possible!

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