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Each year, truck accident lawyers represent thousands of people who are seriously hurt in truck accidents along with the families of those who were fatally injured. Reducing these crashes by improving highway safety is a high priority.

Although there are many things that cause dangerous wrecks, truck accident attorneys advise that drivers of big rig trucks can reduce the chances of being involved in one by practicing some common-sense details, such as the things referenced below.

Avoid Distracted and Fatigued Driving

Distraction as well as fatigue are leading causes of truck accidents today. You must avoid doing things that cause distraction like texting, making phone calls, or using other electronic devices while driving, all of which can drastically increase the possibility of a crash. Eating and doing other things that take your eyes off the road should also be avoided.

Most importantly, truck accident lawyers stress that drivers must ensure they get enough quality rest to prevent fatigue. Pull off the road if you feel tired since fatigue greatly reduces reaction time and cognitive skills.  

Keep Trucks Well Maintained

Truck accident attorneys find that mechanical failure attributes to many big rig crashes. The best way to prevent any kind of mechanical failure is to ensure that every truck is well maintained. As a driver, you should always do a thorough pre-trip inspection before hitting the road.

Use Safety Signals

Turn signals are critical for signaling driver intent if used well in advance of any maneuver. Additionally, always use your hazard flashers when traveling slower than the traffic flow or if you pull over. When pulling over, put out road flares or reflective triangles to alert others of your presence.  

Slow Down in Poor Driving Conditions

Every driver must be able to recognize when driving conditions suggest slowing down, then doing just that. Whether you encounter inclement weather, bad roads, or must negotiate turns and curves, truck accident lawyers stress the importance of slowing down to prevent loss of control or even rolling over.

Plan Travel Routes Carefully

One thing that may be unexpected as a cause in some truck accidents is poor route planning and/or not taking the time to plan in advance. Before starting a trip, use a professional route mapping app that will help alert you to hazards like bad weather, closed roads, mountainous regions, and other concerns where you may have to deal with unnecessary hazards and unsafe route conditions.

Travel Safely in Work Zones

Big rigs cause 30% of all work zone fatalities. This is a startling increase from the 11% of all combined traffic-related fatalities caused by semi trucks. This statistic shows the critical need for drivers to proceed slowly through work zones, pay attention to what is happening around and ahead of them, and obey all traffic signs within these zones.

Buckle Up

Wearing a seatbelt is not only the law; truck accident attorneys also know it can help prevent big rig crashes. When you are securely buckled into your seat, it is much less likely you will lose control of your vehicle from being bounced around while your truck is in motion.

Drive Defensively

Above all, every big rig driver must practice defensive driving by paying attention to the road ahead and around, then anticipate the need to react to unexpected traffic problems. By staying alert and aware of other drivers on the road, you can modify your actions accordingly and have more time to react to hazards.

Increasing road safety and reducing truck accidents is something that all vehicle drivers must take seriously. Truck accident lawyers highlight the need for big rig drivers to practice these common sense habits for safer truck operation. From the eyes of the truck accident attorneys who deal with the aftermath of these devastating events, many big rig crashes can be avoided through careful and attentive driving habits!

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