Truck accidents in Houston Texas


One of the main reasons why it is important for people involved in semi truck crashes to retain qualified truck accident attorneys is the fact that any resulting accident claims can become extremely complicated. Truck accidents result in more damage and injuries than typical car crashes and there may be multiple responsible parties and multiple insurance companies involved. Managing these complex cases requires a thorough understanding of truck crashes and how they are handled.

Multiple Parties May Be At Fault

Although many people automatically assume that the truck driver is at fault for truck accidentstruck accident attorneys know this is simply not true. Even though there are many cases where the driver is found not to be at fault, there are other instances where the driver as well as the other defendants are found to be at fault. Besides the driver, defendants may include the person or company who owns the truck, the company that hired the driver, truck parts manufacturing companies, vehicle maintenance services, and a number of applicable entities.

Determining Liability With Multiple Parties

Accident investigation begins with the driver and truck, then extends beyond this to the trucking company and other involved parties. If a driver is at fault, the company that hired the driver could also be found liable for a number of reasons including the driver having a poor safety record, health concerns, dispatch issues, and various other reasons including arguments that suggest the driver was unsuitable for the job. Companies may not be found liable if the driver is an independent operator.

If the cause of the wreck was a defective tire or part, the parts manufacturer could be named. If the driver also operated the vehicle so that failure was more likely, liability could then be shared by the driver, the trucking company, and the tire manufacturer. Complexity escalates with the number of potentially involved parties.

Multiple Parties/Multiple Insurance Companies

With so many potential parties that might be found partially liable, claims that are filed following truck accidents can become quite complicated. After accurately determining the cause of the crash, truck accident attorneys and insurance companies must then determine who is at fault. Naturally, disagreements on this will likely ensue, especially when considering that whichever parties are determined to be at fault will be responsible for compensating the injured party for damages.

Insurance companies generally do not admit fault unless every stone has been examined and there are no other possible explanations for what happened or no other parties who can be named partially liable. If liability does rest with multiple parties, the total settlement will be paid by multiple insurance companies as opposed to just one.

Taking all of this into consideration, it is strongly suggested that those involved in truck accidents obtain the best legal assistance possible. Getting through the process of accident investigation and claims negotiations when there are multiple parties and multiple insurance companies involved requires the efforts of experienced truck accident attorneys who can help ensure that accident victims obtain the most favorable outcome from their accident claim!

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