The commercial trucking industry is governed by the many federal regulations that are put in place to keep trucks, their drivers, and everyone else on the road safe, and prevent truck accidents. When these rules and regulations are violated in any way, and tractor trailer wrecks are the result, trucking companies - or other involved parties - should be held accountable. This is why it is so important to work experienced truck crash attorneys when these accidents occur.

FMCSA Federal Safety Regulations for Commercial Trucks

One of the main jobs of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) is to create and impose safety laws that commercial carrier companies must abide by to prevent truck accidents. These regulations span widely, from the number of hours a driver is permitted to drive in any day or week, to the required maintenance that trucks must receive so they can travel safely on the highways. There are federal laws covering the way cargo must be loaded and secured on trucks, cargo weight limits, and the use of tandem vehicles. In all, the many regulations that exist, serve to help reduce or prevent tractor trailer wrecks and uphold safety on America’s highways. The FMCSA also mandates driver training, and tracks safety records and violations for every driver and carrier company - levying fines and other penalties when safety laws are ignored.

Common Violations of Trucking Safety Laws

The commercial carrier industry is one that is driven by the need to stay on schedule, as well as the need to keep costs as low as possible. Every company and driver has the ability to adhere to federal safety laws, while still maintaining good schedules and reasonable operating costs. Some choose to ignore safety rules and guidelines, in an effort to save money. Given this fact, experienced truck crash attorneys suggest that some of the most common safety violations that lead to truck accidents include driver fatigue from driving too many hours, failure to perform critical or required maintenance on trucks or trailers, and participating in unsafe driving practices.

When Safety Violations Occur

When a safety violation occurs, and it result in truck accidents, such as I-45 tractor trailer wrecks, this is seen as a very serious offense. The FMCSA holds adherence to trucking safety laws very high in priority, so when accident investigation proves that violations have occurred, the companies and other parties involved with those violations are held responsible. Negligence is highly penalized, and usually becomes an at-fault accident for the trucking company. To prove negligence, it is essential that accidents involving big rigs are investigated quickly, to prevent the possibility of any important evidence from being lost or destroyed. Unfortunately this does happen, especially when carrier companies already know they are in violation of some safety laws.

When I-45 tractor trailer wrecks and other truck accidents occur, there is always a possibility that the truck involved is violating one or multiple federal safety laws. The outcome of the claim is often times dependent upon proving negligence, and that violations have occurred. It is essential that those injured in these accidents hire qualified truck crash attorneys as quickly as possible, before attempting to deal with any insurance company themselves!

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