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Individuals injured in truck accidents may be asked to release certain medical records to the insurance company that represents the trucking company. While records pertaining to the accident may be important to substantiate a settlement with the insurance company, people involved in these truck wrecks must be cautious about what information they agree to release. Before signing any medical record release form, it is wise to speak with an attorney who can properly protect an injured party’s interests.

Requests for Medical Record Release

When people are injured in truck wrecks, it is standard for the other party’s insurance company to ask for medical records about any claimed injuries. Medical records will reveal what types of injuries were suffered and whether the medical records agree with any claims made against the insurance company. While this is an acceptable part of normal claim handling, it is important to understand that an insurance company can use past medical history against a claimant seeking compensation for their injuries. So injured claimants must protect their own interests and avoid signing a medical release before it has been reviewed by an attorney.

What Records May Be Requested?

Insurance companies naturally request the release of medical records that pertain to the truck accident in which their client was involved; however, they may also ask for more than this with a general release form. It is not uncommon for a company to seek access to a person’s prior medical history to research the injury claim, along with their past health and any medical conditions. Companies who investigate truck wrecks may use a general release to review prior doctor visits and the reasons that led to those visits.

What Is The Value Of Old Medical History?

When insurance companies ask for lengthy medical histories, it often suggests they may be looking for something in a person’s past that could have contributed to the injury itself or to the seriousness of the injury. Insurance companies working for an at fault trucking company will do whatever they can to not pay for any injuries that also show up in past medical records to challenge an injury claim. They search for evidence of past illness or injury that could make a person more susceptible to injury when involved in truck accidents and attempt to place some blame on that prior condition. If successful, these tactics could result in a claimant receiving a lower settlement for current injuries.

Medical records are an important part of any injury compensation claim resulting from truck accidents. Yet before releasing information to an insurance company, those injured in truck wrecks are strongly advised to discuss their claim with experienced attorneys who deal with these types of cases. While the release of specific information related to the crash may be warranted, claimants should be wary of signing a general release. To obtain the best settlement possible, claimants should work with lawyers who can protect their interests when releasing medical records!

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