Driving an 18-wheeler is a tiring job, and one that demands high attention to detail, and great driver skills in order to stay safe on the roads. Most truck accidents today are the result of a few main causes, including driver distraction, fatigue and a few other reasons. To keep safe on the roads, and reduce the chance of devastating 18-wheeler accidents, here are a few important tips for truck drivers - from truck drivers.

Always Look Ahead

Staying alert and scanning the roadway ahead is something that all drivers should do to prevent accidents. For truck drivers, this simple action can prevent truck accidents and save lives. Always keep scanning the road ahead in search of traffic jams, accidents further down the road, and other drivers making errors that could cause an accident. By keeping an eye on what is happening ¼ to ½ mile down the highway, truckers give themselves more room to react if they need to brake, or otherwise avoid a potential accident. Stay alert, look ahead, and be prepared!

Prevent Distracted Driving

Distractions are one of the main causes of all 18-wheeler accidents today, and they come in many different forms. Whether driving while fatigued, listening to music too loudly, or talking on a cell phone - even with a hands-free set - anything that takes attention away from the road increases the chance of an accident. Drivers must always get enough rest, and do their best to avoid partaking in activities that prevent them from paying close attention to what they are doing, and the road conditions around them. Consider the use of the newer technology available for truck drivers - like lane departure sensors and other onboard sensors - which help protect against distraction and fatigue-related driving problems.

Never Speed

Speeding causes, or at least is attributed to more accidents on today’s highways than any other single factor. When trucks are driven too fast, the chance of an accident increases exponentially. Inability to brake fast enough, loss of control, and other driving hazards occur when truck drivers do not drive within the speed limit. On top of this, speeding can cause damage to truck tires, which are only designed to be driven up to the speed limit, resulting in accidents caused by blowouts and tire failures. The bottom line is, there is no reason to speed, and no truck driver should ever speed or they could end up causing an accident.

Know Yourself, Your Truck, and Your Limits

Above all, truck drivers must know their limits when it comes to everything from staying healthy while on the road, to getting enough sleep. Drivers that constantly push their limits by driving longer hours than their bodies, and their focus can handle, only set themselves up for a dangerous accident. Recognizing signs of fatigue is essential. Inexperienced drivers should go slower and remove all distractions until they can handle their vehicles consistently. More experienced drivers must make good judgments on their health, road conditions, and anything else that can affect their safety. By taking care of themselves, and taking safety in their jobs seriously, truck drivers can make it to their destination safely - without the risk of a potentially deadly accident.

With these important tips, offered by experienced truck drivers, the hope is that those reading will take this information to heart, and use it to stay safe. Preventing 18-wheeler accidents starts with drivers understanding the main causes of truck accidents, and then practicing safe driving habits!

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