There is a lot of information available about truck accidents, and the many reasons why they happen. Commercial carrier safety studies indicate there area few main, significant causes of big rig accidents on I-45, and other roadways. It is important to realize that not every accident involving cars and large semi trucks, is caused by the truck driver. Sometimes the car is at fault, and as all trucking accident attorneys know, this can definitely affect the outcome of an injury claim case.

Cars Are Responsible for Many Truck Accidents

Often people assume that in any accident involving a big rig and a passenger vehicle - the car is at fault. Yet in reality, this is simply not true. Some studies on accident causation involving truck-car collisions, indicate that as many as 80 percent of these crashes are at least partially the fault of the car driver. This is startling, and points out the fact that driving safely is not something that only truck drivers need to be concerned about, but rather something that every driver should practice.

Ways that Cars Cause Truck Accidents

Trucking accident attorneys assert that some of the most common ways in which passenger vehicles are responsible for the cause of truck accidents include the following:

  • Driving in Truck Blind Zones - There are four areas surrounding a truck that are considered to be blind zones, or "no zones," because the truck driver cannot see them - one on either side of the truck, one to the rear, and one directly in front of the truck. Cars that drive within these zones, and then accidentally hit by a truck, are one of the main causes of truck-car collisions.
  • Tailgating - Tailgating the vehicles in front of them leaves cars with little room for stopping should they need to. When there is a need to apply the brakes suddenly, even if the car itself does not rear-end anyone, any big rig truck behind them will not be able to stop in time - ultimately rear-ending that car.
  • Sudden Lane Changes and Failure to Use Signals - When truck drivers cannot anticipate, or prepare for the movement of the vehicles around them, this can cause dangerous driving conditions. Side impacts, and passenger vehicles being rear-ended by trucks is common when signals are not used, or when other drivers make sudden lane changes into the path of an 18-wheeler.
  • Improper Merging and Overtaking - Passing a truck - whether on the highway, an on ramp, or at a merge point in the road - is very dangerous, and requires careful negotiation by other drivers. When passing too closely - cutting a truck off while doing so - merging, or trying to pass on an on ramp, many cars end up causing big rig accidents. These actions require the proper planning, and providing more than enough space to keep from being hit by the oncoming truck.
  • Inattentive Driving -  Accidents are frequently the result when car drivers do not pay close attention to the road and their surroundings. The same is true for truck drivers. Swerving, drifting in and out of lanes, braking suddenly, and other such behaviors - caused by lack of attention to the road - can trigger any nearby trucks to react in an attempt to avoid a collision. Sadly, sometimes it is the reaction itself that causes a crash. This is even more dangerous in bad weather.

It is essential for all drivers to realize that what they do on the road can directly influence what other drivers - including big rig drivers - do in response. Even though many truck accidents are blamed on the truck and its driver, a large percentage of the time these big rig accidents on I-45, or any other highway, occur because of the actions of a passenger vehicle driver. Should trucking accident attorneys discover that a bad move by a driver is partially responsible for a wreck, those who have been injured must understand this is something that will be taken into consideration. The best answer for everyone - car drivers included - is to recognize semi trucks on the road, and practice safe driving habits around them at all times!

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