Truck Accidents in Pearland Texas

When truck accidents happen and people are injured, many may file personal injury claims. Winning those claims and receiving a fair compensation for injuries depends on proving that some type of negligence occurred, even when the cause of the crash seems obvious. This requires the work of dedicated trucking accident lawyers to investigate the occurrence and determine what actually caused it. The first step in that process is gathering and preserving evidence and proof.

Gathering and Preserving Evidence is Essential

The aftermath of a tractor trailer wreck can be confusing, especially when someone has been injured. It is important to get medical attention first, then think about calling trucking accident lawyers who can immediately begin the process of gathering evidence from the wreck and protecting it. Attorneys will first send a letter to commercial carrier companies and their insurance companies to advise them that all evidence must be preserved from the crash scene. Then the process of gathering that proof begins.

Necessary Evidence From Commercial Truck Accidents

Investigating the cause of commercial truck accidents involves gathering extensive evidence to figure out what happened, why it happened, and who is ultimately at fault. If there was any form of negligence, it will usually be proven through the investigation of available evidence. Some of the investigative proof that trucking accident lawyers must gather includes:

  • Vehicle Logbooks and Maintenance Records - Information documenting truck maintenance, vehicle inspection reports, dispatch records, truck usage records, and hours it has been operated are needed. These records are important for determining whether a truck was being operated without proper maintenance or beyond the number of hours it should have been driven.
  • Onboard Camera and Data recordings - Data recordings of the truck’s various systems and video recordings of the inside of the cabin while the vehicle was in operation need to be kept. These recordings can disclose whether there was a problem with the truck that led to the accident or if the driver made an error that resulted in the crash.
  • Driver Records - Driver employment, health and citation history including any history of alcohol and drug screenings, employment or driving infractions, and other records of driver behavior are important to the case. Crash investigations look at a driver’s history to determine whether the driver was a particular risk that could make an accident more likely.
  • Crash Scene Evidence - Information here would include photos of the scene, police reports and other proof of conditions at the scene, damage that resulted from the wreck, and any injuries sustained in the crash.
  • Witness Accounts - Eye witness accounts from people who were at the scene and saw the crash happen are vital.
  • Expert Testimony - Medical, forensic, and other expert testimony that can help shed light on accident causation plus damage and injuries are required. Testimony from recognized experts can be important when trying to prove fault and show that injuries sustained were the direct result of the truck accident.

Using the above information, trucking accident lawyers can carry out a full investigation of commercial truck accidents and determine what happened. When a driver, carrier company, or another party are at fault, this can be discovered through investigation. It is vital that the right proof is gathered at the accident scene and afterward so lawyers have the necessary evidence to build a strong case against those who are at fault.

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