Every day there are millions of vehicles on America’s roads and highways, including passenger cars and large trucks. Unfortunately, when cars and trucks share the highways, big rig accidents sometimes happen. When semi trucks are out on the road, traffic conditions and other things, can change quickly. This is an important topic that all drivers should consider. Drivers must ensure they are aware of the various hazards that may be present when sharing the roads with larger vehicles, or damaging truck accidents may be the result of their inattentiveness!

Big Rigs, Traffic and Accidents

One of the most common issues drivers must deal with when sharing the highway is the increase in traffic that frequently occurs when there are a large number of trucks on the road. Because trucks sometimes travel slower than the rest of the traffic, and also must observe greater follow distances, as well as taking longer to maneuver, they can slow down the rest of traffic. Increased traffic conditions, when there is higher volume and more chance of making mistakes, are a prime cause of car and truck accidents. These accidents between big trucks and smaller vehicles can be very serious, causing substantial injuries, fatalities, and millions of dollars in damages.

Big Rigs and Road Hazards

Another common cause of truck accidents, or accidents indirectly caused by big rigs, is road debris and additional hazards that other vehicles encounter. Tractor trailers drive thousands of miles each week, meaning not only do these vehicles see a lot of wear, but also require maintenance more frequently than other vehicles. Tire blowouts are common, and the debris from this also causes a number of accidents every year. Brake failure is another hazard, as is shifting loads that can spill out onto the roadway, landing on vehicles that are directly behind the truck, or creating a roadway hazard. Drivers of other vehicles must be aware of this, and ensure they use caution when traveling around big trucks. They must make sure to leave enough distance between themselves and the semi to avoid being hit by debris, or hitting debris that falls onto the roadway.

Big Rigs and Road Conditions

Semi trucks are not only taller and longer than any other vehicle on the highway, but they are also much heavier. A loaded tractor trailer can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. One notable concern about highways used on a regular basis by big rig drivers is the condition of the roads. These trucks can cause huge amounts of damage after a period of time, requiring constant road repairs. In the meantime, everyone who uses these roads, big trucks included, must deal with the potholes, cracked and uneven roadways, and the construction zones, all of which increase the possibility of big rig accidents.

Tractor trailers are an essential part of life, playing an important role in the delivery of goods of all kinds, the world over. Unfortunately, these vehicles increase the dangers of highway travel, and the possibility of other vehicles being involved in truck accidents. To avoid big rig accidents, all vehicle drivers must understand the increased risks, and do their part to drive safely; thereby, avoiding accidents!

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