Semi truck accidents are a serious concern that every driver must consider. These accidents are devastating events that have the potential to change lives forever, causing extensive damage, serious injuries and even fatalities. To avoid being a part of one of these of accidents, it is important that drivers understand some of the common causes of truck accidents. By keeping the following tips in mind, drivers can avoid situations that end in dangerous trucking accidents.

Different Ways Truck Accidents Happen

Not all semi truck accidents are caused by big rig drivers. There are actually many different things that can attribute to these accidents. Sometimes driver error on the part of a passenger car is responsible for a chain reaction of events that cause an accident. Other times, accidents occur as a result of other events, such as when a car is unable to get out of the way in time, and ends up in the path of a semi truck experiencing problems. Therefore, it is wrong to assume that only truck drivers must pay attention in order to avoid an accident. All drivers should pay attention while driving to avoid becoming involved in an accident.

Accidents Caused by Truck Driver Errors

Driving a tractor-trailer requires a certain amount of skill and training, and in most cases these drivers handle their vehicles exactly as they should. Yet there are certain contributing factors in certain situations where truck drivers are the ones who cause an accident. One main factor in semi truck accidents caused by truck drivers is fatigue, and lack of adequate sleep. There are Federal laws that limit the amount of driving a driver is allowed to do in any one day. These laws were purposely put into effect to reduce the number of fatigue-related accidents. Unfortunately, some drivers operate outside of these limitations in order to gain more compensation, or otherwise earn more money.

Also, lack of attention to detail in terms of truck loading and handling, and avoiding dangerous circumstances that are more likely to result in an accident is common. Lack of experience and training also ranks as one of the main causes of driver error that results in accidents.

Accidents Caused by Other Drivers

Although in many trucking accidents the blame is placed on the truck, or truck driver because of how these incidents occur, there are a number of actions exhibited by other drivers that cause reactions that result in an accident. A main cause of these incidents is when a passenger vehicle driver positions their vehicle in any one of a truck’s numerous blind spots or “no zones,” making it impossible for the truck driver to see them.

Additionally, improper merging, cutting trucks off, risky passing without enough room, and many other dangerous actions are frequently the cause of truck accidents, when truck drivers do not have enough time to react, or stop their vehicles. Anything that puts another vehicle in the path of a truck traveling at highway speeds - without a safe enough distance for passing, stopping or getting up to speed - creates precarious situations that commonly end in truck accidents.

Similarly, driving too close to big trucks also puts other drivers at risk for an accident should some kind of problem develop with the truck. An important benefit of traveling at a safe distance away from heavy trucks on the highway is drivers are also out of their way should a mechanical problem arise.

The important thing to remember is that even though many truck accidents are caused by driver error, and even mechanical failure - some are not. To avoid being involved in semi truck accidents, drivers of all vehicles must understand the actions that attribute to these incidents, and always steer clear of them. By working together, truck drivers and drivers of other vehicles can prevent dangerous trucking accidents!

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