Accidents involving commercial trucks, such as big rigs, are serious events. They are also very different than any other type of traffic accident. Due to the size of these vehicles, truck accidents are capable of causing enormous damage and very serious injuries. Beyond the physical aspects of these events, trucking accidents also require special handling in terms of accident claims, determination of fault, and many other things. It is highly recommended that anyone involved in a truck accident hire experienced I-45 truck wreck attorneys to help them deal with the aftermath, and file the necessary documents to receive an appropriate settlement.

Determining Causes of Truck Accidents

Unlike a more straightforward car accident, where it is usually much easier to determine its cause, trucking accidents are a much more complicated event. Between the possibility of mechanical failure, disregard of federal regulations, and even road construction, conditions and related problems - determining accident causation can be very challenging. It is often necessary to not only investigate accidents, but to also scientifically recreate them to understand how and why they happen.

Federal Law and Commercial Truck Accidents

Another major consideration when dealing with truck accidents is whether or not any laws have been broken. There are many Federal laws that regulate the commercial trucking industry. These laws are intended to maintain safety on the highways by regulating everything from who can drive a big truck - and for how many hours in a day - to maintenance and repair, and vehicle inspection laws. As it is frequently the case when an accident occurs, laws have been broken, attributing to the cause of the accident. This must be carefully researched by skilled I-45 truck wreck attorneys in order to build a solid case against a trucking company, or any other responsible party.

Who Is Liable?

Who is liable is a very important question when dealing with trucking accidents, and one for which there is not always an easy answer. The reason for this is because trucking accidents are very unique since there can be many different people or entities responsible to varying degrees. Some of these parties may include truck drivers, truck owners, shipping companies, companies that have hired a carrier, truck and truck part manufacturers, tire manufacturers, and even road architects, among others. Before any kind of settlement can be reached in these cases, a cause must first be determined, and then the appropriate responsible parties named.

Calculation of Damages

Determining the actual cost of damages in a truck accident requires extensive calculation. There is much more to consider than material damages and current medical costs, as these accidents often cause long-term effects. Determining a settlement figure that is warranted based on injuries sustained, and that is actually obtainable, requires the skills of an experienced attorney, who must build a believable case for their clients in order to receive that settlement award.

These, and many other reasons, illustrate the ways truck accidents are very different than any other type of accident, and must be treated as such. Anyone injured in a trucking accident needs to take these points into consideration before attempting to make an injury claim to an insurance company on their own. This is why hiring experienced I-45 truck wreck attorneys is an essential part of any accident victim’s approach to the complicated injury claim process!

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