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Traffic accidents happen every day. Some are relatively harmless, while others including truck crashes, are responsible for all types of injuries, from minor to life-threatening ones. A particular type of injury experienced by those involved in motor vehicle crashes are non-physical ones, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Although PTSD is not as common as a physical injury in a wreck, trucking accident lawyers see individuals suffering from this condition after involvement in truck crashes.

What Is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Post traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety disorder that occurs after some people have experienced a traumatic event of some sort and may or may not involve an actual physical injury. Those with PTSD may suffer lasting effects from the traumatic event that can cause other symptoms and even affect their ability to enjoy life.

PTSD and Truck Accidents

It is estimated that one in ten people who are involved in a car or truck crash will develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of the event. Trucking accident lawyers find that some of those people have been involved in big rig wrecks, which can be significantly more traumatic than most other motor vehicle crashes. PTSD occurring after an accident may resolve within a year or two after the event; however, some people find themselves suffering even beyond that time.

Lingering PTSD Effects

When people develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after involvement in truck accidents, their lives can be negatively affected. They may have trouble sleeping, have repetitive negative thoughts about the incident, or even suffer from nightmares. Some may develop generalized anxiety and become uncomfortable driving or traveling in vehicles after the event. PTSD can cause sufferers to become withdrawn, depressed, and less interested in the activities they used to enjoy.

People can also develop other emotional and even physical conditions due to such anxiety, commonly including an unwillingness to care for themselves. As a result, PTSD caused by a motor vehicle crash can erode a person’s livelihood, making their lives much less enjoyable than before the incident happened.

PTSD May Be A Claimable Injury

Recovery from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder usually involves seeking the attention of specialists who can treat it. PTSD that develops after car or truck accidents may be a claimable injury that can provide compensation for the sufferer. Just like other injuries, if the condition develops due to the traumatic events that were experienced, trucking accident lawyers can file a personal injury claim.

Truck accidents and other motor vehicle crashes can be physically and emotionally traumatic. For some, the emotional trauma can even lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When that happens, sufferers may have some recourse by discussing their situation with experienced trucking accident lawyers who understand that PTSD can develop after a trauma like a truck crash. Anyone diagnosed with PTSD after an accident should discuss his or her situation with a personal injury attorney right away.

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