Truck Accidents in Pearland Texas

Texas is the proud home to many great things, from football and food to wide open spaces. On the downside, Texas is also the state the record holder for having the greatest number of deadly truck accidents yearly, a number that is growing. The sobering statistics below outline the frightening details of Texas highways, which trucking accident attorneys suggest all drivers know about and learn how to avoid being involved in one of these devastating wrecks.

Texas Ranked Highest

According to a recent crash study report released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Texas was the leader in fatal truck accidents in 2014. During that year, 553 people were fatally injured in Texas crashes that involved tractor trailers. This number equates to almost 16 percent of all crash-related fatalities in the state that year, and almost 15 percent of the 3,903 trucking fatalities throughout the entire country. Texas was also the only state in the U.S. to reach a percentage of accidents above 9.9 percent.

Worst of all, trucking accident attorneys relate that data released for 2015 suggests the numbers are only getting worse, with 561 reported fatalities being suffered in tractor trailer wrecks. Besides victims of fatalities, thousands more are also seriously injured. As wonderful as the state of Texas may be on many accounts, it has become the worst offender with regards to serious and fatal truck crashes for many years running.

Why So Many Truck Accidents In Texas?

There are a number of reasons behind these statistics that must be understood. First, due to the growth of online retail sales in recent years, there are more tractor trailers on the road now than ever before. Shipping and deliveries have increased exponentially, creating more commercial truck traffic across the country. This impacts Texas in part because the state is so large and is home to the most highway miles than any other state.

A second reason why truck crashes have become so prevalent in Texas is due to the current oil boom, which means there are many more tankers and heavy work vehicles on the road. In many cases, these vehicles are traveling on rural roads that were never intended for this type of traffic. As a result, truck accidents on rural Texas highways have increased considerably.

In relation to the dramatic increase of oilfield traffic, trucking accident attorneys point out that as companies rush to take advantage of this opportunity, many trucks are not properly maintained, and there are many unqualified drivers. All of this has led to deadly results.

Need Better Regulation and Enforcement

As Texas continues to lead the nation in injuries and fatalities resulting from truck accidents, it could not be more clear that tighter trucking regulations and better enforcement of these regulations are necessary. Trucking accident attorneys deal with the aftermath of these devastating wrecks on a daily basis, working to help victims who have been injured or family members whose loved ones were killed in such a crash.

Reducing these terrible statistics to make Texas highways safer for everyone means that all drivers need to be more careful and be more aware of the safety violations that many of the trucks on these roads exhibit. With better compliance and greater enforcement of federal safety regulations, there is hope that Texas roadways can become safer for everyone!

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