Crashes involving tractor-trailer rigs and passenger cars can be deadly, and unfortunately happen more than anyone cares to think about. Preventing such incidents involves skilled driving by those who drive big rigs as well as the careful attention of other drivers on the roads. I-45 truck crash attorneys who represent those involved in I-45 big rig accidents agree, the best way to stay safe on the highways and avoid being involved in an accident with a large truck is to know how to help prevent them.

Be Aware of Truck Blind Spots

I-45 truck crash attorneys say one of the most important aspects of driving our highways with big rigs is understanding blind spots and where they are. A blind spot, or no zone, is the area around a vehicle where that vehicle driver, even when checking rear-view and/or side mirrors. Every vehicle has blind spots, although they are smaller for passenger vehicles and don’t pose as much of a risk. Blind spots for commercial vehicles are large, as the vehicles themselves are large. This creates a much greater chance that a passenger car could traveling in a truck’s blind spot cannot be seen by the truck driver.

There are four blind spots around every truck that other drivers should know about to prevent big rig accidents:

  • Close in front of the truck.
  • Directly behind the truck.
  • Along the right side of the truck.
  • Along the left side of the truck.

Other drivers should stay away from these areas to avoid traveling within blind spots. Many avoidable accidents occur when trucks crash into smaller vehicles that are in their blind spots.

Keep Your Distance

Along with knowing about a truck’s blind spots and avoid traveling in them, giving big rigs the distance they need for safe operation is essential to avoid truck crashes. Heavy trucks traveling at high speeds require more room and greater distances to slow down or accelerate, change lanes, or perform other driving maneuvers. They make wide turns and have to slow down at times unique to big rig driving. Even mechanical problems, like a tire blowout and brake failure, can make their operation unpredictable at times.

To remain safe and avoid I-45 big rig accidents or any other type of trucking accident, passenger and other vehicles should give trucks the room they need to safely negotiate the highways. Maintaining a good distance prevents passenger vehicles from being struck by flying debris, being run into by out-of-control trucks, or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time when a truck driver is forced to to make a sudden maneuver.

Drive Friendly Around Big Rigs

Some of the best advice for drivers is to drive friendly around big trucks. Understanding that operating a semi truck is not easy; giving big rid drivers a little courtesy contributes to safe driving and accident prevention. Pass wide around big trucks and only on the left. Give them the space they need to operate safely, and stay alert to on and off ramp activities. Do not try to accelerate to get ahead of trucks entering the highway, or drive aggressively around them because they are slower and require longer to get up to highway speeds.

Above all, be aware of big trucks on the highways, watch for their moves, and focus on not becoming a problem to those drivers. Over 70 percent of heavy truck crashes are caused by something done by another driver. I-45 truck crash attorneys can help those involved in I-45 big rig accidents; however, all drivers should learn how to prevent being involved in such an incident!

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