Long haul trucking is a vital service in the United States that also brings many dangers to our nation’s highways. While truck accidents are sometimes unavoidable, reducing them depends on the awareness and implementation of safe driving practices. Federal safety organizations and I-45 trucking accident lawyers understand that many highway trucking accidents can be prevented when drivers are aware of actions that lead to these incidents – along with a little common sense. To reduce causing I-45 semi truck crashes, big rig drivers are encouraged to read the safe driving tips to learn how to avoid simple mistakes that cause big problems.

  • Always Avoid Speeding – Speeding is one of the main elements that attributes to semi truck crashes on I-45 and other highways, as it often results in the loss of truck control. Driving above the speed limit, even under ideal conditions, is responsible for everything from not braking soon enough to tire failure and loss of control going around curves. According to I-45 trucking accident lawyers, the faster a loaded truck is moving, the greater the forward momentum it has and the longer it takes to slow down, making a speeding semi the equivalent of a freight train on the highway.

  • Adjust Driving for Weather and Road Conditions – When driving conditions are less than ideal, there is a greater need for semi truck drivers to slow down. Rain, ice, loose surfaces, uneven roads, and driving through work zones are reasons why heavy, speeding trucks can run into trouble. Sun glare and obstructed vision can be deadly if a driver is caught off guard. Speeding through tight curves or ramps not designed for large trucks is especially dangerous, as this causes load shift and can to tipping over. All of these matters are even more significant when a truck is pulling double trailers, where a driver must steer very carefully and applying brakes even earlier. Drivers must use common sense and slow down when conditions are not safe in order to avoid trucking accidents.
  • Avoid Becoming Distracted – Driver distractions come in many forms, including lack of sleep and drowsy driving , eating while driving, and communicating via on-board electronic equipment while driving. Distraction is one of the main causes of actions that lead to semi truck crashes on I-45 and other roadways. It is up to drivers to analyze their driving and avoid actions that cause them to be distracted.

  • Keep Drivers and Trucks Healthy – Good maintenance and repair is essential to prevent trucking accidents commonly caused by mechanical failure. Big rigs log thousands of miles on the highway, which means frequent maintenance must be done. Truck owners need to keep accurate truck maintenance records and ensure work is done before repair is needed. Drivers should also inspect their vehicles daily before heading out on the roads. Accident lawyers who concentrate on accidents occurring on I-45 and other main highways note that drivers must also take care of themselves as well as their vehicle. Driver health is just as important as vehicle health. Eating right, and taking care of any medical conditions, makes for the best and safest driving.

There are many ways drivers can take part in preventing I-45 semi truck crashes and trucking accidents in general. I-45 trucking accident lawyers encourage all big rigs drivers to listen to these important safety tips and help make America’s highways safe for everyone!

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