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When a truck accident occurs, one of the most important things that trucking accident lawyers must attend to is ensuring that accident evidence is properly preserved. This is not such an easy thing to do, considering the many different types of evidence that must be investigated to understand what happened, why, and who is at fault.

For an accident claim to be presented and accident victims received reasonable compensation for their injuries, truck crash lawyers must begin examining and preserving evidence as soon as possible.

Evidence is Essential

Evidence is as essential part of any trucking accident claim, since it can tell the story of how a dangerous accident occurred as well as damage and injuries causation. Carefully examination of all accident evidence to determine who is responsible is one of the most important jobs of trucking accident lawyers.

Preserving Truck Accident Evidence

To ensure accident evidence is properly preserved, truck crash lawyers must begin to investigate and preserve evidence as soon as possible. This normally starts with the issuance of a preservation of evidence letter that is sent to the trucking company and their insurance carrier. This letter basically informs the truck owner and insurance company that the accident evidence must be properly secured and made available for trucking accident lawyers to investigate as necessary.

Types of Evidence Investigated and Preserved

There are a few different categories of accident evidence required for truck crash lawyers to thoroughly investigate a trucking accident. This evidence must be carefully gathered and preserved as soon after an accident as possible:

  • Truck Evidence - Other than the damaged vehicle itself, truck evidence that must be collected and preserved includes vehicle maintenance and inspection records, downloaded data from onboard computer and GPS systems, and any other essential vehicle records.
  • Cargo Evidence - Evidence related to the cargo being carried on the truck at the time of an accident is also important. This evidence includes dispatch instructions, weight tickets, delivery records and bills of lading.
  • Driver Evidence - When any kind of trucking accident occurs, truck crash lawyers must also investigate the driver, vehicle, and cargo. Driver evidence collected and preserved includes driver qualifications, hire, training and employment records, driver safety records, driver inspection records, drug and alcohol screenings after the accident, and all driving schedule records that must be legally documented and monitored.

Access to preserved, untainted evidence is an essential part of every truck accident claim. Without this important information, trucking accident lawyers may not be able to accurately determine accident causation and responsibility. For this reason, anyone involved in any kind of accident involving a truck should contact experienced truck crash lawyers who can ensure the preservation of important evidence as soon as possible. With the critical evidence properly and legally preserved, accident victims and their lawyers can better prove how the accident occurred and who is at fault!

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