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Good vision is important to anyone who drives a motor vehicle; however, for those who drive tractor trailers good vision is essential. Truck crash attorneys know that impaired vision is a health issue that contributes to some preventable truck crashes. That is why truck crash lawyers stress the importance of regular eye exams and maintaining correct vision if you operate tractor trailers.

Commercial Driver Vision Requirements

Every commercial driver who applies for a CDL must pass a health examination that includes a vision test. Good vision is so critical for commercial drivers that there are federal regulations on vision exams to ensure operators can see well. Drivers with certain vision impairments may not qualify for a commercial driver’s license.

If you are a commercial driver, you must have clear near and far vision with or without corrective lenses to pass the CDL vision exam. This is to help reduce the possibility of dangerous truck crashes. You must have distance vision of 20/40 or better in each eye and with both eyes together plus a field of vision at least 70 degrees in each eye.

The exam includes colorblindness tests to ensure you can correctly see the different colored traffic signals. If you have one eye with total vision loss, you can still qualify for a CDL as long as you can pass all vision tests with your other functional eye.  

Anyone applying for or renewing a commercial driver’s license must pass a vision test. Truck crash attorneys point out that many states require vision examinations every two years to maintain a CDL.

Correcting Vision Impairment to Ensure Safe Driving

Commercial drivers are required to have clear vision and pass the necessary vision exams to maintain their license. If you are a truck operator and have vision issues that have developed over time, truck crash lawyers suggest that you treat your impairment if possible by using a number of available procedures.

Corrective lenses are the first way to improve impaired vision to prevent truck crashes. If you need prescription glasses or contacts, you must wear them when driving your truck. You may want to consider corrective laser surgery, which helps more severe impairments and corrects vision to nearly 20/20 for both day and night.

If you are dealing with a progressive condition or secondary vision impairment caused by diabetes or another health issue, you should have your eyes checked at least once a year and get a new prescription as required.

Keeping Eyes Healthy for Safe Driving

To reduce eyestrain and keep your eyes healthy, truck crash attorneys recommend you wear good quality sunglasses to screen out damaging UV rays that affect vision quality. Additionally, as a driver you should maintain good overall health by eating well, sleeping enough, and getting some exercise between your hours on the road.

Without good vision, driving can be very dangerous. Truck crash lawyers stress that those who depend on their ability to operate a tractor trailer for a living need to take steps to maintain their eye health. Routine health and eye check-ups to detect and treat vision problems as they develop are instrumental in preventing truck crashes!

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