With the continued research of truck crashes and how to prevent them, I-45 truck crash attorneys report that some unexpected ideas have surfaced. Based on known crash statistics and other scientific information, there is a growing idea that an increase in female drivers in the trucking industry may slowly help lower the incidence of big rig accidents on I-45 and other major highways. While actual proof is not available yet, the available crash data analysis, the concept that accidents are more preventable when a woman is at the wheel, as well as a few recognized ideas about the female brain indicate there may be some merit to this idea.

Women in the Trucking Industry

Although few and far between, women have been professional truck drivers since the 1930’s. Women now make up roughly five percent of all truck drivers on the road; however, that number is slowly increasing. Interestingly, for a profession with so few women, those currently employed in the trucking industry are highly regarded as well as top earners. Women are exceptionally reliable as truck drivers and are just as hardy as the men in performing the same duties. Particularly noteworthy is that some believe, based on the track record of female drivers and scientific studies of female behavior, that women can be safer truck drivers than men and have fewer truck crashes due to natural decision making abilities and other predictable behaviors,.

More Female Drivers Could Reduce Trucking Accident Numbers

It is no secret that women think and behave differently than men in some very specific ways. This relates to the trucking industry, as follows, and may surprise some:

  • Great Attention to Details – Based on how they learn, think, and analyze, women tend to naturally pay great attention to details. This has been found to be especially significant in areas such as record keeping, tabulating, and inventorying, all of which are necessary skills when working in the trucking industry. Logbooks, truck records, inventory counts, proper vehicle loading. and many other activities require this type of detail.

  • Less Likely to Take Risks – Behavioral studies have often suggested that in potentially dangerous circumstances, women are less likely to be impulsive and less likely to take unnecessary risks. I-45 truck crash attorneys say this is especially significant in driving situations where the wrong move, or a poorly taken risk, can turn deadly for truckers and many others on the roads.

  • Problem Solvers and Fast Thinkers – When a quick reaction is required, many times it is a woman who can think the fastest on her feet – or in her seat, as the case may be – and think through a situation quickly to achieve the best results. Women are known problem solvers, making them a natural for driving behind the wheel of a big rig on I-45 or other big highways, where quick thinking may be able to ensure a delivery is on time, or even possibly save a life.

  • Welcomed Challenges – Regardless of who is behind the wheel, driving a truck for a living is a challenging profession. by their very nature, women usually up to this type of challenge, thanks to a determined nature and strong desire to succeed at whatever they do. Women tend to be especially suited to the challenges offered in a male-dominated work environment, frequently performing their jobs even better than most of the men in their field. This has been proven in the trucking industry, where women excel at this type of job.

While much of this information, and how it relates to the trucking industry, is largely speculation at this point, the question of whether female drivers can actually reduce the number of yearly truck crashes has been carefully considered by safety organizations who compile driver and incident data. Current statistics indicate the possibility that a woman behind the wheel is less likely to be involved in big rig accidents on I-45 and other roadways. Whether or not this can be proven has yet to be shown; however, safety groups and I-45 truck crash attorneys are definitely paying attention to crash statistics as well as how the differences in the behavior between men and women can affect female truck drivers, and crash numbers as a whole!

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