Commercial tractor trailers are essential to the American economy, and the American way of life. There are thousands of these trucks on highways such as I-45 at any given moment of the day or night, delivering goods from one coast to the other and everywhere in between. Knowing this, it is essential for passenger vehicles and commercial trucks to work together safely to prevent I-45 tractor trailer accidents. Both truck wreck attorneys and safety organizations agree that one of the best ways to do this is by listening to the truck drivers themselves. Drivers of other vehicles can help keep everyone safe by practicing the following driving tips when sharing the road with semi trucks.

Stay Alert, Always!

Truck drivers find the biggest error that affects them is caused by other drivers not paying attention. Whether it is a driver not seeing a truck’s turn signal (indicating they are about to change lanes), failing to notice an off ramp until they are almost upon it, or not watching the road ahead of them - not paying attention causes more tractor trailer accidents and close calls than anything else. Truckers warn that other drivers must watch traffic ahead of them, always know where they are going, and where their vehicles are in relation to trucks on the road in order to plan ahead for safely moving on the highway.

Travel in Front or Behind - Not Beside

Driving next to a tractor trailer is highly discouraged by truck drivers for a number of reasons. First, it increases the chance that the driver will not see those vehicles, especially when driving closely on the right side. This can result in trucks pulling into the other vehicle’s lane. Secondly, tire blowouts and tire stripping happens a lot, and any vehicle traveling close is in danger of being struck by pieces of tire. When traveling at 70 MPH or faster, these pieces can cause a lot of damage to nearby vehicles, and can also cause deadly accidents.

Acknowledge Blind Spots

Know where a truck’s blind spots are and always avoid them. Traveling within a blind spot is an open invitation for being accidentally hit by a truck if the driver is not able to detect - even after checking their mirrors - that there are vehicles close by. When it is necessary to enter a blind spot to pass, do it quickly and get out in the open again, where truck drivers can see the vehicle.

Don’t Pass on the Right

The blind spot on the right side of a big rig is the largest one and truck wreck attorneys assert this is the one responsible for most accidents. Passing on the right, when a truck is in a left-hand lane, is asking for trouble since trucks normally only travel the left-hand lane to pass, or when they must avoid a traffic jam. This means every truck driver is trying to get back to the right-hand lanes. If they are being passed on the right, chances are they won’t see it coming.

Give Trucks Room!

Above all, the main suggestion truck drivers give to passenger vehicle drivers is to give them room! Trucks take longer to stop, are slower going up hills, and need more room to successfully move in and out of traffic to avoid accidents due to traffic and stopped vehicles ahead of them. By respecting the need for room, and not traveling too close, truck drivers can maneuver safely, preventing injurious accidents caused by running into smaller vehicles traveling too close.

In avoiding I-45 tractor trailer accidents and similar truck wrecks, the best advice frequently comes from those dealing with the problems associated with commercial trucking - the drivers themselves. Truck wreck attorneys recommend that all drivers heed this advice and share the highways safely to prevent deadly truck accidents!

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