Interstates like I-45 are essential highways for commercial traffic; however, they are also very dangerous roadways for commuter traffic. Big rig crashes of all types occur along these highways, including accidents involving pedestrians - which are especially deadly. Trucking accident lawyers see too many cases where a person has been injured or killed while pulled over on the shoulder of a busy highway with a broken down vehicle, or coming to the assistance of a breakdown. To avoid becoming a victim requires that drivers of all vehicles, including trucks, as well as people on the side of busy highways, understand the risks involved, and take measures to stay safe.

Roadside Pedestrian Accidents Are Deadly

Nobody plans on breaking down or having an accident; however, because these things happen, people frequently end up outside of their vehicles, trying to deal with the problem. Similarly, emergency and assistance crews,  such as tow truck drivers, EMT's, and even police, spend a great deal of time outside their vehicles and on the sides of the roadways. This puts them at great risk of being injured by passing cars and trucks. Of all people injured or killed this way, service personnel have the highest number, since they constantly put themselves in the path of danger to help others. The odds of being struck by an oncoming vehicle while working at the side of the road are high, making doing so extremely dangerous.

Big Rigs and Roadside Pedestrian Accidents

Unfortunately, many roadside accidents today involve semi trucks. There are a number of reasons for this, but it is mainly due to visibility, and the inability to maneuver quickly. When accidents or breakdowns send cars and their occupants to the side of the road, often times oncoming traffic is not aware of this until it is barreling down on these vehicles, and those trying to deal with them. Moving out of the way, and into the next lane is the safest thing to do, but this is not easy for a semi truck. Tractor trailers require more time and space in order to change lanes. Sometimes, when coming upon a disabled vehicle on the shoulder, there is not enough time for drivers to move their vehicles over or slow them down enough.

Avoiding Roadside Pedestrian Accidents

To avoid hitting someone on the shoulder of the road, trucking accident lawyers assert that both passenger vehicle and truck drivers must assume responsibility. There are things drivers can do to help the situation. All drivers must always be alert for the possibility of people on the road shoulders, and be ready to react to prevent hitting them. All traffic should also move out of the lane closest to where the people are, allowing enough room for safety. When all drivers do this, even truck drivers can react more easily to traffic moving to the left or right. When all vehicles are moving to another lane at the same time, this indicates to truck drivers that there is something on the shoulder that must be avoided to prevent big rig crashes.

Additionally, giving trucks the room required to change lanes, if necessary, is critical. Passenger vehicle drivers must also be alert to truck signals, which indicate their intent to change lanes. Truck drivers must always try to have a way to move over, while other vehicle drivers must pay attention, and yield to trucks that need to move over.

Roadway shoulders on an interstate highways, like I-45, are an extremely dangerous place for anyone to be - but sometimes it is unavoidable. To prevent big rig crashes involving pedestrians, emergency responders, and others, trucking accident lawyers stress that truck drivers remain alert, and scan the road ahead of them for activity on the shoulder. To help truck drivers in preventing serious roadside accidents, drivers of other vehicles must do the same, while also being prepared for the movement of big rigs that are trying to avoid getting too close to something going on at the side of the road!

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