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Road construction is always going on somewhere in the U.S. as construction crews work to maintain and improve our highways. These zones are unavoidable in many areas and require careful passage to prevent accidents. According to safety organizations and many trucking wreck attorneys experienced in these events, they are also prime traffic zones that experience a high number of trucking accidents.

Trucking Accidents in Construction Zones

Construction zones are areas that are especially vulnerable to vehicle accidents because of the way in which these work zones disrupt the flow of traffic and often lead to trucking accident incidents. Interestingly, it is estimated that as many as 65 percent of all construction zone crashes happen in broad daylight and involve at least one heavy truck. Over 60 percent of these incidents happen on divided highways; almost 90 percent involve straight and flat roads. Of all of these incidents involving large trucks, rear-end, head-on, and angle collisions are most prevalent.

Why Construction Zones?

Trucking accidents occur in construction areas for many different reasons, many of which relate to a few common facts. Work areas are congested and frequently involve very cramped conditions. All drivers, not just those who operate large trucks, can become annoyed or angry due to delays as well as distracted at a time when a higher degree of attention is required.

Based on these conditions, trucking wreck attorneys find the majority of wrecks involving semis result from traveling too fast through these dangerous zones, not stopping soon enough, or tailgating the vehicle in front of them. Trucks also have a harder time maneuvering through construction areas and can collide with other vehicles in their attempt.

Influence of Distracted Driving In Work Zones

Besides these reasons, distracted driving plays a major part in the high number of accidents that occur in construction zones. When traffic is moving slowly, many drivers allow themselves to be distracted by electronic devices, eating and drinking, or doing other things in the cab since they mistakenly feel they have time to do these things. Yet these distractions commonly cause drivers to miss traffic and flagman signals, merge improperly when multiple lanes come together, and miss other important indications that they should be concentrating on their driving.

Inattention and distraction are also much more likely to affect those who drive large trucks since they may already be fatigued. Trucking wreck attorneys understand that when traffic slows down and then gets congested due to construction, it is easier for mistakes to be made and accidents to happen. Even crashes that occur at slower speeds can be deadly due to the size, weight, and force of a tractor trailer colliding with a smaller vehicle.

Generally speaking, construction zones are more dangerous for everyone, whether driving a car, operating a tractor trailer, or working at the site. Large semi trucks amidst all this traffic bring the danger to an increased level, with dangerous trucking accidents often the result. The suggestion that trucking wreck attorneys have for all drivers who pass through construction areas is to stay alert, drive slowly, and be especially aware of all other vehicles and workers. This extra effort can reduce the number of work zone accidents and save lives!

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