Although those who have never driven a big rig might think there is nothing to it, the truth is quite the opposite. Huge commercial trucks are challenging to drive, and the traffic that constantly surrounds them makes the job even more so. Drivers are under stress, day in and day out, and this stress contributes to the many trucking accidents that happen each year. Some drivers have found a good way to reduce their stress, and their chance of 18-wheeler accidents, in perhaps a less considered way - meditation.

Why Meditation?

Meditation is a proven form of relaxation that helps to clear the mind, lower symptoms of stress, and provide many other mental and physical advantages. This is something that can always benefit those in high-stress occupations - like truck driving. By mentally blocking out stress factors, and taking control of the reactions they cause, some truck drivers are benefiting from this important and healthful practice, thereby reducing their chance of trucking accidents.

How Can Truck Drivers Benefit From Meditation?

Those who currently use this technique for personal stress reduction, suggest that one does not have to close their eyes and mentally remove themselves from their current surroundings to meditate. It can be done, with practice, while in the midst of doing other activities. The main ways in which truck drivers can put meditation to use, is by learning to focus on their surroundings, and their personal thoughts. In doing so, they can clear their mind of negative thoughts and emotions. Meditation teaches people to be present in the moment, not distracted by unimportant things - which is exactly what truck drivers need.

By learning various breathing and focusing techniques, many drivers can experience reduced anxiety and feelings of stress because of what they cannot control - traffic, drivers cutting them off, delayed schedules, financial situations - and calmly concentrate on what they can control. This can be anything from the safe operation of their vehicle - helping to prevent 18-wheeler accidents - to the beautiful surroundings on the open road that is passing by their windows. It could even mean appreciating the comfort of their cabin sanctuary.

The idea is not to distract drivers from all the things that cause them stress while driving, but to allow their minds to let go of these things - leaving only room for what is important at that moment. Removing negative and stressful thoughts has much greater power than many people believe - until they try different forms of meditation. Rest breaks can also be used for mentally clearing the head, giving a few moments of peace and quiet, and a few minutes to close the eyes and center oneself.

Introducing Meditation Into Daily Life

Meditation coaches recommend that truck drivers, or anyone else looking to add the calming effects of meditation into their daily routine, start off slowly and focus on their thoughts a little bit every day. Most people find that eventually they can incorporate these focusing techniques quite easily, and at times when stress is bothering them the most. Other recommendations are eating well to promote concentration, and getting enough sleep. Yet when enough sleep becomes a part of the stress, meditation can again help keep the mind sharp and alert despite this.

Meditation may not work for all truck drivers, but for those open to the idea, and the possible benefits in the effort to prevent 18-wheeler accidents - it could be worth a try. As most commercial drivers understand, anything that helps them stay focused, while reducing stress, can be important in reducing trucking accidents. Ideas like meditation, proper diet, trying to get enough sleep, and other ways to manage the stress this occupation can bring, may be just what some drivers need to become happier, more content, and more focused behind the wheel!

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