Trucking Accidents in Pearland Texas


Trucking accidents, although they occur just like any other traffic accidents, are vastly different from traffic accidents involving most other vehicles. Due to the substantial differences in these traffic accidents, trucking accident attorneys must take accident dynamics and how trucks differ from cars into account during investigation. Only with a clear understanding of truck accident dynamics can trucking accident lawyers present a strong case supporting victims injured in trucking accidents.

Differing Dynamics

The significant concept that trucking accident attorneys must consider when researching trucking accidents is the significantly different dynamics in these events. Accident dynamics involve the multiple mechanisms that come into play in an accident and are very different because trucks are very different than regular passenger vehicles. The two most influential differences involved are vehicle size and weight, the physics of which directly affect accident dynamics.

In general, the a larger and heavier vehicle will have a greater force and cause more damage in a collision. So the same type of accident between two cars may produce less damage in comparison to one between a truck and a car due to differing dynamics during an accident.

Dynamics And Accident Severity

In considering the laws of physics, it is easy to understand why truck accidents are so different than car accidents and can result in more damage:

  • Greater Size and Weight - Larger, heavier vehicles traveling on the road produce greater force in a collision, resulting in more substantial physical damage to the vehicles involved. As a result of this greater collision force, injuries sustained in trucking accidents are usually more serious.
  • Higher Center of Gravity - An object’s center of gravity is the balance point at which that object can remain upright without tipping over. Tractor trailer rigs have a much higher center of gravity than other vehicles, making them more likely to tip over in conditions where balance is affected. This could be making a precarious turn and shifting cargo as well as the force encountered in a high-speed trucking accident. When the center of gravity is disturbed in any of these ways, the truck can tip over onto other vehicles.
  • Different Maneuverability and Control - Along with greater size and weight as well as a higher center of gravity, big rigs are less maneuverable than passenger vehicles. This adds to the aspects of force and balance points, making tractor trailers more difficult to control for this and other reasons. With different steering and braking systems, extra axles, and other mechanical and performance differences, maneuverability and control is a significant factor in trucking accidents.

When all of the above is factored in, trucking accident lawyers know that these various differences between heavy trucks and passenger vehicles are responsible for different vehicle behavior under different driving conditions and trucking accidents.

As a result of these differences, trucking accident attorneys must understand the dynamics involved in trucking accidents and how such dynamics are responsible for the injuries suffered by accident victims. This is one of the most important reasons why those involved in trucking accidents should enlist the legal assistance of lawyers knowledgeable in these kinds of accidents. Experienced trucking accident lawyers understand how to investigate these events on behalf of injured victims based on their thorough knowledge of trucking accident dynamics!

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