Trucking accidents cause many serious injuries and physical damage on Texas highways every year. These events are usually more serious than any other motor accident, due to the size and weight of the big rig trucks involved. Yet, not all truck wrecks are the same, and the amount and severity of injury that is common in truck wrecks, varies. The best way to avoid being involved in a serious trucking accident, often requiring the services of truck wreck lawyers - is to know the most common types of trucking accidents, and how they happen.

Rear End Accidents

Rear end accidents are very common. Big trucks require a much longer stopping distance than other vehicles, and sometimes there just is not enough time to stop before plowing into the back ends of the vehicles in front of them. Some causes of rear end accidents are traffic that suddenly comes to a stop in front of a truck, other drivers cutting off a truck and then slowing down in front of it, or truck drivers not giving themselves enough stopping distance.

Tire Blowouts and Wheel Separations

Tire blowouts and wheel separations are somewhat common, and are due largely to improper vehicle maintenance, or driving too fast for what the tires are rated for - putting tires and wheels at risk, . Thankfully, not every blowout or separation causes an accident. However, the sudden loss of a wheel or tire frequently causes the loss of control of the truck or trailer. The separated wheel, or chunks of blown off the tires that become airborne, are also very dangerous - causing injuries and accidents when striking other vehicles.

Underride Accidents

Truck wreck lawyers say that another common type of truck accident is an "underride accident." This occurs when a lower, smaller vehicle somehow ends up underneath the deck of the trailer on a truck, between the two sets of wheels. It often happens when trucks are turning, and when other drivers try to squeeze past the truck - only to get sideswiped in the process. Underride accidents can be relatively minor, or deadly, depending on how severe the incident is, and whether the truck actually drags the other vehicle along with it, or drives over it.

Truck Rollovers

Rollover accidents are especially deadly. These incidents are caused in many different ways - from loss of balance, due to shifting loads or soft shoulders, to gravitational pull when taking turns too fast. When a driver loses control of their trailer to the point that the trailer rolls over - frequently pulling the truck over with it - anything in the way of that rolling vehicle can be smashed beneath it.

Jackknife Accidents

Jackknifing is when the trailer on a truck and trailer combination starts to lose traction with its rear wheels, causing the back of the trailer to skid sideways - passing the truck, itself. The end result is the trailer folds up like a jackknife, so the rear of the trailer ends up facing the same way as the windshield. This is common when trucks have to stop quickly on slippery roads and there is not enough weight on the rear axles. In the best of situations when a truck jackknifes, the trailer section must be towed back into correct position. In the  worst case scenarios, any vehicles that are next to a jackknifing trailer can be swept along with it, and crushed between the two parts of the truck.

Just like accidents with any other vehicles, no two trucking accidents are the same. Of all truck wrecks that happen on Texas roadways today, those mentioned above are the most common types that drivers need to be aware of. Truck wreck lawyers and motor safety advocates recommend that drivers of other vehicles understand how these accidents happen, and leave themselves plenty of room when driving near big rigs to avoid being involved in such an incident!

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