Without long haul truckers, commerce across the United States would come to a halt. The commercial trucking industry is one of the most important in the nation and the world. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most dangerous jobs, due to the frequency of trucking accidents, and fatal truck crashes on I-45 and other roadways. Driving a commercial truck for a living may seem like an easy job, but as I-45 truck accident attorneys, and many others will agree, it is anything but that. Through awareness, and the effort to increase better driving practices and compliance with safety procedures, both trucking companies and drivers must be aware of the dangers of this job and work to make it a safer occupation.

Long, High Risk Working Hours

To meet delivery times and make an adequate living, long haul truckers put in many more hours than an average 8-to-5 job. Currently, federal law limits drivers to driving 11 hours per day; however, many drivers don’t meet this limit. Breaks are often shorter than required just to keep on schedule, which makes the hours even longer. Among all occupational fatalities, long haul truckers make up extremely high rate of 12 percent of the number of occupations and job classifications documented. This number is mostly due to truck crashes.

Causes of Driver Fatalities

According to trucking accident studies, two-thirds of all truck driver fatal accident crashes on I-45 and other highways, were drivers of 18 wheeler trucks. Many of the truck accidents that caused those fatalities were due to driver fatigue, other distracted driving, weather conditions, and brake/mechanical failure. A high percentage of drivers were killed by oncoming vehicles while standing near their trucks. Collisions between trucks and trains are also a common cause of truck driver fatalities.

Health Risk Issues

Driving for many hours a day is not only tedious; it is also detrimental to driver health and a leading cause of truck wrecks, health issues, and premature, work-related death. Besides the obvious risk of 18-wheeler accidents, long hours of driving causes drivers to sit most of the day. This action alone is associated with increased mortality from health concerns such as obesity, diabetes, heart problems and others. Poor diet is a big contributor to these problems, as truckers find it hard to stop for healthy food along these routes.

As a result, many truckers exist on diets that are extremely unhealthy, making them even more likely to develop health concerns. Additionally, the work schedule frequently makes it difficult for truckers to make and keep medical appointments, many of which are either missed, or drivers simply do not follow up with their health care when they should.

With these things working against them, I45 truck accident attorneys point out it is no wonder how driving commercial trucks for a living is not the easy job many people believe it is. The frequency of trucking accidents, and the many other problems that lead to driver fatality, are a serious concern that everyone must be concerned with. Drivers must be aware of the many risks they face, and be proactive in improving their safety and health habits to help reduce and prevent fatal accident crashes on I45 and other major highways!

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